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so they can calmly build the life of their dreams with ease!

save time
save energy
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Write on your own, but grow with support.

Writing can be a solitary endeavor, but you don’t have to struggle building an author career alone. 

We’ve been helping authors build the life of their dreams since 2016.

We can help you too!

Here's how we can help:​

digital products

Our digital products are designed to provide fast solutions to all your author challenges. We’ll help you get organized, get writing, get marketing, and get social.

one-on-one coaching

One-on-one coaching is the perfect solution when you need a custom plan. We meet you where you are and create a map to help you get where you want to go. 

group coaching

Seven Streams Authors is our group coaching program. We have a growing vault full of  tools, courses, workshops, and resources to help you grow. 


We offer a variety of plotting services to meet your needs, whether by providing story ideas, or working together via Zoom to outline your book chapter-by-chapter.

Hi there, I'm Nicole!

Back in 2013, I published my first book. This was the golden age of self-publishing when anyone with a bit of talent, drive, and innovation could earn a solid living from writing. Too soon, that time passed. 

Reaching the same level of success today requires more innovation, determination, and effort than ever before. I’ve weathered the industry. Now, I work to help others do the same. And I’ve built a team to help me. 

Let us help you build the author career of your dreams. 

Kind words from our authors...

I’ve worked with Nicole from the beginning.
Every year our business together grows.
At times, I’d be lost without her.
Nicole's coaching helped me close the gaps and stop the leaks in my business, making it much, much more profitable!
Nicole is an invaluable plotting partner and part of my series and book planning. She understands plot and character and the way I think. She is a master at creating stories!
The Book World Domination Plan is a great way to get organized in your writing business--but that's not all Seven Streams Authors does. Nicole figures out what authors need--before they even know they need it--and then gives it to them. And her services and products are affordable. I am a happy customer for life!
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Grab your FREE version of the Book World Domination Plan!

Why would you want this spreadsheet? 

Use this to: 

  • set writing goals
  • create publishing plans
  • lay out your marketing strategy 
  • grow your social media 
  • monitor your numbers 


Mostly…help you build the author career of your dreams!

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