Premade Concepts

Broken And Devious (Dark Romance) by Rae


  • Forced Proximity, Mafia, enemies to lovers, Loner, Captivity



  • Ava & Nikolai


  • USA, Blue Ridge Mountains




All my life I’ve been careful. 

Making sure to look over my shoulder when I walked down a dark alley, carrying pepper spray with me when I went to the library. 

That sort of behavior is expected when you’ve grown up with the parents I had. 

My father was always in deep with the bookies and my mother was the drug dealer’s favorite customer.

When I hit eighteen I told myself that I would leave all the paranoia and danger behind. I’d go somewhere where I wouldn’t have to worry about who was after me and my overall safety. I bought a cabin way in the middle of nowhere and would live out the rest of my life in peace. 

Sure it was lonely and it wreaked havoc on my ability to have any type of social life but it was worth it for my peace of mind. 

After living high in the mountains of BlueRidge, I’d begun to get adjusted to life on my own. I’d become quite the mountain woman and I loved the fact that I could wake up at any time and only have to be worried about the animals roaming around instead of the people in the street with guns and handcuffs just waiting to take me away. 

When a snowstorm blew in, it was more of the same for me. I was prepared. Had enough wood for the fire, enough food to get me through, and enough books to keep me occupied. What I wasn’t expecting was for a car to crash and wind up on my front lawn. 

Everything inside of me told me to leave it alone, to let whoever was in the car to fend for themselves but that small bit of human decency I still harbored in my soul won out.  I rushed out into the freezing weather and brought the man into my home. He was broken, cold, and undeniably the wrong kind of person for me to be around. 

He’s covered in tattoos and from the look of him, bullet holes. The exact type of person I’d been trying to stay away from. Still against my better judgment, I decided to help him. 

Quickly the storm becomes oppressive. Soon, he’s up and moving around but the way he stares at me causes shivers to inch up my spine. He’s not just here for help. The man is running and now that I’ve seen who he is he tells me that he can’t let me go. 

It started as me trying to help him only to become a captive in my own home. 

But I’m no damsel in distress, we fight and challenge eachother and as much as I hate to admit it, it thrills me. Not only the adrenaline that comes along with it but also the way he makes my body feel. No one touches me like he does. No one has ever made me want to throw caution to the wind and lay down like a beast ready to mounted. No one but Nikolai. 


I fucked up. 

Never before had I ever been so caught off guard so when I went to meet up with my connect to trade insider information, the last thing I expected was for his entire crew to be waiting to take my life. 

Now I’m on the run from a bunch of bratva killers who will stop at nothing to take my life. The only option I have is to take them all out first. It’s a problem only because I work alone. I’ve got no one to watch my back. 

I decided to get out of town, go somewhere I could come up with a plan before I enact my revenge. I wasn’t expecting to wind up on Ava’s doorstep, broken and dependent on her hospitality. 

If it weren’t for her I’d be stuck in the snow frozen to death. 

Unfortunately, for her, she knows too much about me now. My good samaritan has become my captive and the one person I might be able to trust to help me out of this mess. 

I know I should just kill her but something about Ava stirs up something predatory in my soul. I want her in every way and the longer I forced to stay stuck in this small cabin with her the more I can’t hold back.

When my enemies come one by one to finish the job, I expect her to run for cover but she surprises me by staying right by my side. Ready to take out the opposition at every turn. She should mean nothing to me. She should just be gunfodder but now that I’ve seen just how perfect she and I can be together, I can’t let her go. She’s perfect for me, from the mischievous glint in her eyes to that perfect body that seems to just call out for me. 

Ava is mine in every way. 

Locked in this cabin we explore new and inventive ways to get rid of the people on my tail and I find myself trying harder and harder to get her to trust me. To open up to me. To accept me as the one she needs in her life. 

Most times sweet women aren’t meant to be entwined with someone like me. A killer. A man without a conscious but Ava is different. She was made just for me in every form of the word. 

As a team we’ll work together to make sure that everyone who dared go against me meets their end but what happens when the snow thaws and everyone is dead at our feet?  Will she turn away from me leaving me on my own again or will I have convinced her that just maybe the evil way is the right way for us to live? 

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