Brushed in Shadows (Dark)

Genre: Dark Romance

Tropes: Stalking, Kidnapping, Anti-Hero

Characters: Evelyn/ Damien

Setting: City

Heat Level: Medium to High



I was the epitome of a starving artist. 

After art school I figured I’d find a job in the art district, I was even deluded enough to think I’d find high-paying work in a gallery but of course, that didn’t happen. 

Three years after graduating I was on my last legs, my checking account had already gone negative and my savings had just enough to get me a meal on the dollar menu. The time had come and gone when I would have to make a decision what I was going to do with my life. All of me wanted to stay but the logical side of me knew I needed to tuck my tail and go back home. 

Until the day, I saw him. 

He was walking down the sidewalk, phone pressed to his ear, tailored suit nearly molded to his body, and eyes that looked right through me. I didn’t know his name, who he was talking to or anything else about him but he stirred something inside of me so violently that I went back home and painted some of my best work. 

I don’t know how it happened but I knew if I wanted to continue I needed my muse so I searched for him. Waited along the same street where I’d first seen him. And day after day I saw him. I never spoke to him, only caught glimpses of him. Every day my obsession with him would grow along with my inspiration to create better and better works of art. 

I was only supposed to be a woman in his shadows. He was never supposed to know that he was the star of my work and also my most sexual dreams. 

He was only supposed to be my muse but now I’m his captive. 

He started as an inspiration, silently igniting my canvas and my desires, but now I am a prisoner in his world


It’s my business to know the world around me. 

After all, It’s not like I could have become the top crime boss in the city without paying attention to everyone and everything around me. 

When I first saw Evelyn, she was a mere oddity in my otherwise deadly world. I could tell she had no clue who I was and that only made me want her more. I waited for her to approach me but she never did. Then I found myself adhering to a schedule simply because I knew she was looking for me. It didn’t take me much work to find out that she’d been using me as an inspiration for her artwork. 

Problem is, it’s not only me who’s realized that she’s been paying close attention to me or that I’ve been paying close attention to her. 

Those that wish to do me harm seem to believe that Evelyn means more to me than she does. They’ll hurt her simply because they think it’ll get to me. She means nothing to me but for some reason I just can’t allow her to get hurt. I’ll keep her safe even if it means I have to do it against her will. 

What started out as just me keeping her safe quickly turns into a need to possess her. She intrigues me in a way other women never have. She’s not made for my world but I’ll keep her by any means necessary. 

Only $47!

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