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What if you had a plan for...


By using the FREE Book World Domination Plan, you can create a writing plan based on the number of days you'd like to write and your daily word goal.

How does this help?

You'll be able to plan releases!


Once you know when you're going to publish, you can base all your marketing efforts around this information. Also, you'll track your backlist, which means knowing when you can fit in sales and FREEBIE promotions.

How does this help?

You'll be able to create more predictable income and more easily track your expenses!

social media

When you know your publishing plans, and marketing plans, then you know what to talk about on social media to grow your platform. You'll also measure this growth so you know what's working.

How does this help?

You can stop doing what doesn't work, and focus more time and attention on what does!

Here's what's included:

There are 11 tabs in the FREE version of the Book World Domination Plan, but these are my favorite…

Hi there, I'm Nicole!

Here's why I do what
I do.


Back in 2013, I published my first book. This was the golden age of self-publishing when anyone with a bit of talent, drive, and innovation could earn a good living from writing. Too soon, that time passed.

Achieving the same level of success today requires more innovation, determination, and effort than ever before. I’ve weathered the industry. On January 1, 2016, I started Love Kissed Books LLC. This is my passion project, ever-evolving to meet the needs of our authors. With my team of dedicated PAs and a trained Social Media Manager, we strive to help our authors grow.

Don’t just test the waters. Dive in. Commit.

You deserve the author career of your dreams.

We’re here to help.

Grab your FREE Book World Domination Plan NOW!

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