Loving My Vacation Soldier Duet (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: Damsel in Distress, Military, Second Chance Characters: Kimmy/Barrett Setting: Mexico/USA Heat Level: Writers Choice Concept: Loving My Vacation Soldier – Book 1 Kimmy What started out as the vacation of a lifetime quickly turned into a nightmare. It’d been months since my ex broke my heart and a few weeks since […]

Brushed in Shadows (Dark)

Genre: Dark Romance Tropes: Stalking, Kidnapping, Anti-Hero Characters: Evelyn/ Damien Setting: City Heat Level: Medium to High Concept: Evelyn I was the epitome of a starving artist. After art school I figured I’d find a job in the art district, I was even deluded enough to think I’d find high-paying work in a gallery but […]

Dirty Audio (Erotic)

Genre: Erotic Romance Tropes: Opposites Attract, Secrets, Friends to Lovers Characters: Brynn/Lincoln Setting: Small town Heat Level: Extra Spicy Concept: Brynn I’m a good girl. I’ve always been a good girl. I graduated from school with a 4.0 GPA, I call my parents every morning to check-in. I’ve never even been drunk in my life. […]

Mine for Keeps (Hockey)

Genre: Hockey Romance Tropes: small town, single mom, scared to try again Characters: Luke Tanner, Maddie Ellison Setting: Small Town, USA Heat Level: As hot as you like it Concept: Luke I was washed up; a has-been hockey player coming home to deal with the aftermath of a career ending injury. I was sad about […]

Between Duty and Desire

Genre: Historical Romance Tropes: forbidden love, surprise pregnancy, rich girl/poor boy, wrong side of the tracks Characters: Eloise Bryce, Joseph O’Shiel Setting: New York, 1883 (Gilded Age) Heat Level: As hot as you like it Concept: Eloise Bryce I am torn between duty and desire. As the only daughter of wealthy parents, I have every […]

Highway Temptations (Steamy CR)

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance Tropes: Bad Boy, Road Trip, Fish Out of Water, Forced Proximity, Instalust Characters: Kevia/Brooker Setting: Midwest, USA Heat Level: Mid To Steamy Concept: Kevia: Imagine waking up every morning and having absolutely nothing in your life excite you. That was the life I was living. I was a twenty-year-old virgin with […]

The Luna’s Mates Duet (RH/PNR)

Genre: Reverse Harem / PNR Tropes: Found Mates, Shifters Characters: Kit Setting: Wilderness Heat Level: Extra Steamy Concept: Kit:  I was born and bred to become the alpha’s mate. Years of training on how to act and what to say. My hair and body cut and coiffed in the way the alpha would approve of. […]

Role of a Lifetime (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: small town, age gap (older woman), famous actress, single dad Characters: Eve / Harrison Setting: Brookhollow, Arkansas Heat Level: (Not Set) Concept: Eve My career as an actress had always left me feeling plenty fulfilled. My childhood best friend and now personal assistant, Kerry, meant I was never lonely. We’d been […]

A Song for Rosalie (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance Tropes: rockstar, surprise baby, small town, fling, new beginnings Characters: Able Jackson / Rosalie Barlow Setting: Monroe, LA Heat Level: Spicy Concept: Able  Like any respectable rock star, I already had my first stint in rehab under my belt to make me seem more tragic, and add depth to my music. My […]

Enchantress 5 Book Series (PNR)

Genre: Paranormal Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract Characters: Lyrik/ Zane, Tiana/Easton, Sereia/Charlie, Zofia/Grant, Nixie/Harrison Setting: Various. In the sea and in the forest. Heat Level: (Not Set) Concept: Book One:  Lyrik (Enchantress) Lyrik had always been able to turn hearts and heads. Making men fall for her had become something of a sport. […]

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