Between Duty and Desire

Genre: Historical Romance Tropes: forbidden love, surprise pregnancy, rich girl/poor boy, wrong side of the tracks Characters: Eloise Bryce, Joseph O’Shiel Setting: New York, 1883 (Gilded Age) Heat Level: As hot as you like it Concept: Eloise Bryce I am torn between duty and desire. As the only daughter of wealthy parents, I have every […]

Tamed By The Earl (HR)

Genre: Historical Romance Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Enemies to Lovers, Battle of Wills Characters: Diana/Hugh Setting: England, 1800s Heat Level: Spicy Concept: Diana: Imagine having to deal with the threat of imprisonment simply because you were smarter than the men in your small town. That is exactly what I’m having to contend with. I’m nothing more […]

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