The Luna’s Mates Duet (RH/PNR)

Genre: Reverse Harem / PNR Tropes: Found Mates, Shifters Characters: Kit Setting: Wilderness Heat Level: Extra Steamy Concept: Kit:  I was born and bred to become the alpha’s mate. Years of training on how to act and what to say. My hair and body cut and coiffed in the way the alpha would approve of. […]

Enchantress 5 Book Series (PNR)

Genre: Paranormal Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract Characters: Lyrik/ Zane, Tiana/Easton, Sereia/Charlie, Zofia/Grant, Nixie/Harrison Setting: Various. In the sea and in the forest. Heat Level: (Not Set) Concept: Book One:  Lyrik (Enchantress) Lyrik had always been able to turn hearts and heads. Making men fall for her had become something of a sport. […]

Saving the Dead Trilogy (PNR)

Genre: Paranormal Romance Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Protector Characters: Kinsey/Bram Setting: (Not Set) Heat Level: (Not Set) Concept: Saving the Dead    ☆ Kinsey ☆ Knowing when someone is about to die isn’t a gift.  My mother warned me about this. She told me to never let anyone know that I can see when they […]

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