Dead Letters (RS)

Genre: Romantic Suspense Tropes: revenge, woman in peril, falling for the detective Characters: Main 1: Goal: See her sister’s killer brought to justice and save others from being killed Motivation: Revenge Conflict: Killer is after her, falls for detective Setting: Concept: Makenzie My sister disappeared from a college frat party three years ago. I was […]

Fated (RS)

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense Tropes: woman in peril Characters:  Main 1: Goal: Finding her sister Motivation: Solving her sister’s disappearance Conflict: Hardin keeping secrets, the police not helping Main 2: Goal: Finding the truth about what his brother knows about a girl’s disappearance Motivation: Finding out his brother didn’t do anything more than keeping his […]

Faking It Trilogy (Mafia/CR)

Genre: Mafia/Contemporary Romance Tropes: Fake relationship, Mafia, Protector Setting: Northeast US Book One Concept: Characters: Marcella (Mafia Boss Daughter) Carmine (Eldest Lomabrdo son) Main 1: Goal: To run the company her father vuilt Motivation: Revenge toward her father for passing her over Conflict: Falling for the enemy Main 2: Goal: Earn Marcella’s Trust Motivation: Protecting her […]

Taking One For The Team. Trilogy (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance Setting: Northeast Book One Concept: Characters: Colby and Charlie Main 1: Colby Goal: To heal from an injury and get back to playing Motivation: He’s raising his sisters’ kid Conflict: Falls for his physical therapist Main 2: Goal: Start her new job and be good at it Motivation: To get out of […]

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