Chosen by the Dragon King (PNR)

Chosen by the Dragon King (PNR)


Arranged Marriage, Rags to Riches, Enemies to Lovers, Dragon Shifters

TOTAL Word Count: 5962

Price: $217

By Rae B. Lake

Characters >>> 

Main 1: Valerie

  • Goal: To provide for herself and her ailing brother
  • Motivation: She goes into the choosing because she doesn’t want to become a prostitute or let her brother die
  • Conflict: She didn’t expect to be chosen as the queen to the infamous Dragon King


Main 2: Priam

  • Goal: To find a mate that calls to the fire in his blood
  • Motivation: He knows that he needs to have a queen but has yet to find anyone who calls to him, the choosing was a last ditch effort
  • Conflict: He’s not used to anyone talking or treating him the way Valerie does and it intrigues and turns him on.


Valerie has lived her entire life in the lower slums of Oprye where the only true ways to make a living are through crime or prosititution. She refuses to go down that road. 

Unfortunately, her brother’s illness doesn’t care about her morals and his lifesaving medicine cost more money then she could come up with on her own. 

She has only one option, she has to volunteer herself for the choosing. 

The choosing is used by the rich and elite. 

Valerie never expected to be chosen by the King himself. Not just to be his live in concubine but his queen. 

From the very beginning the two of them butt heads. But, even as she fights him he only gets more intrigued by the woman who just won’t back down. 

The closer Valerie gets to Priam the more she realizes that she could really fall for the growly, intense man the more the people around them plot to have them separated. 

Valerie may not be up for the challenge of being a queen especially when her King is hiding another secret. 

He’s one of the last dragon shifters alive. 


Chapter 1 

-Valerie looks in on her brother one last time before she walks over to the small kitchenette area and opens up the fridge once again to show how bare it is. There’s only a small piece of meat left and it’s probably two days past when she should’ve thrown it out. She has no choice so she picks up the rancid meat and slowly eats it. Her stomach rolls at the taste but she knows better than to throw it back up. She’s not going to get anything else for a long while. 

-She knows they can’t survive much longer in these conditions but she doesn’t have a choice, right now it’s only her and her brother to take care of themselves and in the lower wards where they are forced to live there is no work. Unless she wants to become a prostitute but she swore that she’d never go down that path no matter what. Just as she’s trying to get her stomach to settle she hears her brother starting to hack cough in the room and knows that he needs his medicine. She rushes to give him a dose and realizes that it’s the last bit. She needs to get a refill. Taking the very last of her money she leaves and goes to the small apothecary. 

-She tries her best to cover up knowing that without any protection she has a target on her small feminine frame. She successfully gets the medication and thinks she’s home-free until she’s about three blocks away from home. As she turns one of the darker corners and is confronted by a man. She knows that she’s going to have to talk really fast to get out unscathed. 

Chapter 2

– The man is aggressive and offers her money if she’ll sleep with him. Valerie tries to remain calm but is still strong when she denies him. She tries to walk by but the man will not take no for an answer. He grabs her and forces her back against the wall. Valerie knows there’s no reason to scream, no one is going to help her in this part of the village. This part of the village is nothing but the lower class and crime is just another way of life. 

-The man tells her that he can take her if she wants and when he starts removing her clothing and sees how small and young she looks he correctly assumes that she’s untouched which only makes him go harder. He tries to rape her and just by luck she manages to fight him off and get away. 

-Valerie runs all the way back home with tears in her eyes and her heart beating out of her chest. She triple locks the doors and has a small nervous breakdown against the hard surface. The door is nothing but ply wood and if someone wanted to they could kick it down in an instant. Her brother hears the commotion and comes out of his room. He’s only fifteen but he looks like he’s closer to twelve. His illness and the fact that they don’t eat very much has left him malnourished, of course as her brother he doesn’t want anything to happen to his sister so he tells her he’ll go out and fight the man who tried to hurt her. Valerie begs him not too. She knows that he’ll probably end up dead. She puts her hand in her pocket to get the medication only to find that it’s broken and has leaked out in her struggle. Her brother tries to console her but there’s no consoling her, there’s no way for her to get the medication again. Unless she can come up with some money there’s a good chance that her brother won’t make it. 

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