Premade Concepts

Coconutty Crimes (Cozy) by Beth


  • woman in peril, finding yourself, new start



  • Moriah Cummings


  • Seaside, South Carolina





When a rather nasty divorce left me at loose ends, I took a solo vacation. Why shouldn’t I? My son, my only child, had elected to jaunt about St. Bart’s with his father. So I packed a bag and headed for the small town of Seaside, South Carolina. 


I fell in love instantly with the quaint little coastal town half an hour from Charleston. I only meant to stay a week, but I stretched it to ten days–then two weeks. I just couldn’t tear myself away. I began to envision a life there, doing something I’d always wanted to do: open my own candy shop.


There was a building on Main Street that would be perfect. The divorce settlement plus a business loan helped me secure the building and items needed for startup. I even found a charming little house just big enough for me and my son. I was making a few friends. Things were moving at a good, fast pace.


And then, a week before the grand opening, I do a “soft” opening. Just as a way to deal with any kinks or things I’d overlooked. I’d hired Paula to be a part-time clerk, had my gumballs and gummy bears, all the other candies artfully displayed—and had my grandmother’s famous coconutty bars as well. I’d decided to make one baked treat each week, and I chose these for the soft opening simply because it was a comfort food for me. 


The turnout was better than I’d hoped, and even the town’s resident gossip queen made an appearance–and took home some of my coconutty bars. I was flattered–until I learned the next day that she’d died during the night and my coconutty bars were being blamed.


Suddenly almost everyone in town was giving me the side eye. People were whispering, and Detective Adam Davenport kept coming around asking questions. Since I was determined to make Candy Coated a success, I promised myself I’d get to the bottom of this and clear my name. No way did my coconutty bars kill anyone! But when the medical examiner’s report was made public, we learned Gloria had been a victim of cyanide poisoning. 


But who could have done it? Was it her soon-to-be fifth ex husband, Eric? Or his not-so-secret girlfriend, Barbara? Someone else? All I knew was, it wasn’t me. And since I didn’t have much faith in Detective Davenport, I set out to unmask a murderer.


Little did I know that I might not live to see my own grand opening. 


** I can see this as a series. Series Premise: When Moriah Cummings decides to start a candy shop in a small town, she gets more than she bargained for. After learning she’s quite adept at solving murders, her life takes yet another turn. Soon she’s juggling running a business, a growing body count, and a possible love interest who keeps insisting she’s a suspect.**

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