Dead Letters (RS)

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Tropes: revenge, woman in peril, falling for the detective


Main 1: 

  • Goal: See her sister’s killer brought to justice and save others from being killed
  • Motivation: Revenge
  • Conflict: Killer is after her, falls for detective





My sister disappeared from a college frat party three years ago. I was a junior in high school. I graduated, feeling lost and alone, afraid to leave home because I couldn’t make my parents empty nesters.


So, I worked a dead end job until her body was found and the investigation hit a wall. The detective assigned to the case came to speak with our family. He was new. The original investigator from when she was reported missing had recently retired. In his place was a new detective they’d dumped the cold case on. Only he didn’t believe it was cold.


And when he saw me, he did a double take. I knew why. Tessa and I could’ve been twins. An idea began to percolate. I’d saw it in his eyes.


They wanted me on the inside. My sister wasn’t the only girl who had gone missing. She was simply the first and the only one who had been found. The rest all had one thing in common: that frat house.


My job, attend the parties. Play at being in college. They were working closely with the college president to solve this case because it wasn’t good for enrollment. And if I helped, free education. That was cool, but mostly I wanted to see my sister’s killer brought to justice and save others from her fate.


I’d been on campus a matter of days when the first letter arrived, slipped under my door. It was addressed to Tessa. I threw up while trying to read it. The killer wanted to relive his first kill again. Apparently, he thought I was there to haunt him. Close. Hunt him. And he obviously hadn’t killed me well enough the first time, which he described in gory detail, hence the projectile vomiting.


The letters continued. And I faithfully brought each one to Duncan Maddox, the detective. He made me feel safe.  He made me feel strong. And he made me believe we could solve this together, before I ended up dead, like Tessa.



Ch 1 

  • Makenzie comes home from a long day at the fast food restaurant 
  • She wants to shower, but her mother calls her into the kitchen 
  • And there’s a detective there. Awkward. They shake hands. He gets ketchup on his hand. She’s like…sorry. At least it’s not blood. 
  • He tells her that he’s now on the case. The old guy retired. He’s working the case. 
  • Go over all the details. Her mother leaves the room. It’s too much for her to hear. Afraid to get her hopes up again. 
  • M: And why are you here? 
  • D: I need your help. 

Ch 2 

  • He explains that he has been working on the case 
  • He checked social media to see if anyone interesting has been posting on her sister’s page 
  • Saw her and realized she and Tessa could be twins 
  • He wants her to go to college. 
  • She doesn’t want to leave her family. That’s why she didn’t go to college to begin with
  • Free education. All you have to do is attend classes, and more importantly, attend the frat parties
  • M: What makes you think the guy is still there? 
  • D: Girls are still going missing. 

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