Enchantress 5 Book Series (PNR)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Opposites Attract

Characters: Lyrik/ Zane, Tiana/Easton, Sereia/Charlie, Zofia/Grant, Nixie/Harrison

Setting: Various. In the sea and in the forest.

Heat Level: (Not Set)


Book One: 

Lyrik (Enchantress)

Lyrik had always been able to turn hearts and heads.

Making men fall for her had become something of a sport.

Then Zane arrived in town. He was tall, dark, handsome and rich, everything she had always wanted in a man.

Too bad he was completely immune to her charms because she refused to back down.

There was nothing more frightening than an enchantress scorned.




Book Two: 

Tiana  (Fairy):

For years, I’d enjoyed the quiet solitude that comes from knowing I was completely invisible to the rest of the world. No one could see me unless I wanted them to see me, unless they’d been in the fairy realm. Historically speaking, we didn’t leave a lot of witnesses. Once someone ventured in, there was no getting out. They were fairy servants from then on. 

So when I was lounging on a low stone wall, relaxing beside a babbling brook, and considering how to spend the rest of my day, the last thing I expected was for a man to speak to me. I’d seen him coming, but how had he seen me? 

I planned to figure this out…as soon as I figured out what to do with him. 

That he would feel something for me was simply part of the magic. I was a fairy, after all. Only I never expected to feel anything for a human. I didn’t believe it. I didn’t trust it. And I certainly didn’t trust Easton. 

He claimed to be a seeker of knowledge. He needed my help locating a relic. I had other plans. No way would I allow him to steal from the fairies. He had as much chance of claiming that as he did my heart. 

Professor Easton Mills: 

Legends told of a magical stone found in the fairy realm. This stone held the power to heal. I needed it more than I’d ever let on. 

My wife had died from cystic fibrosis not long after our daughter was born. And recently, our daughter had been diagnosed with it too. Ever since, I’d been relentlessly searching for this stone since mortal medicine of all kinds had proven to be useless. I couldn’t lose my daughter too. 

She was living in a hospital, awaiting a transplant that might never come, but we were in constant contact by phone and video chats. I visited as much as I could, when I was allowed. Each day, I grew more desperate. 

Months before, I’d been close, so close I happened upon an actual fairy. The guy announced he merely allowed himself to be seen. He was looking forward to having a new servant, and took me to his place. While there, I managed to explain why I was trespassing. He took pity on me, and allowed me to leave, but refused me the stone. He warned me not to return, that it was doubtful I’d be this lucky again. 

There was no room for fear, no time for doubt when my daughter’s life hung in the balance. So, I ignored his suggestion. And now I’d found Tiana. She was the most beautiful female I’d ever seen. I was attracted to her in ways that made me feel guilty. I’d never expected to feel for anyone again. 

Yet still, she refused my pleas. There’d be no stone for me. No freedom either. I worried not about what would become of me. It was my daughter I feared for. Somehow, I had to get through to Tiana. I’d give her anything she requested. Anything at all. I’d stay without her worrying about any efforts to escape. I just needed the stone. 

Tiana smiled. She had other plans, plans she refused to reveal. Her actions told me everything I needed to know. She wasn’t cold and calculating as she’d like me to believe. She became my everything, while giving me nothing…including trust, love, and the stone. 

Book Three: 

Sereia (Siren):

I was in a particularly foul mood. I couldn’t explain it. I was just…out of sorts. 

The ocean seemed to be in agreement with me. The waves were wild. The wind blew in sharp, angry gusts. And the sky couldn’t have been much darker. 

Nothing would make me happier than destroying some ships. Humans thought they were big and bad, but the truth was they relied on metal beasts to carry them across the water, from one shore to the next. On a night like tonight, it would barely be sporting, but I needed to flex my muscles. Maybe then I’d feel better. 

So, I perched on a rock and waited while primping. Sure enough, there was a ship not far in the distance. Trusting the wind and water to carry my song to them. As expected, they turned my direction. I sang louder, with my enthusiasm. My heart raced in excitement. Then as they were nearly close enough for me to pick out the expressions on their faces, a light came on above me, cutting through the storm, and warning them away from the shore. Foiled. Again. 

Not to be denied, I selected a new victim: the one running the light. I swam to the dock, shifted into human form, and made my way up the steps and steep bank to the door. I banged on it a few times, then collapsed as soon as the door opened. This was no act. I’d used an immense amount of energy battling the waves. 

When I opened my eyes, I was staring into the bluest eyes I’d ever seen. And the face around them was equally notable. Something felt different in me. I couldn’t figure it out, but I refused to be denied my revenge. 

So, I sang. I sang my heart out. He finally smiled when I ended, which made no sense. He should’ve been entranced. “Nice song,” he murmured. “Now tell me…how did you get here?” 

That might be his burning question, but I needed to know why my song had failed me…why I couldn’t stop staring at him, and what was going on with my heart. I’d never loved. I’d heard much about it, mostly that it was for the weak. I was strong. Always had been. Always would be. Until Charlie. I’d always been able to control any man. Now, around him, I couldn’t control myself.



I loved the water. I hated people. 

That’s why the job living alone in a remote lighthouse was so perfect for me. The fact that I had no true attachment to creature comforts like WiFi was probably why they hired me. I preferred to read, write, and take pictures. All of these pleasures could be easily and constantly indulged there, as soon as I finished the daily routine maintenance. 

The lighthouse had been long neglected. The list of repairs seemed to be endless. Yet because I was so dedicated to the job and so desperate to recover there, I didn’t mind the work. The busier I was, the better I kept the pain at bay. And I had a lot of pain. The year before I had lost my family in a car accident. 

Survivor’s guilt was real. And all I could think, when I allowed my mind to wander, was that I shouldn’t have stayed home. I should’ve gone with them to get groceries. Maybe if I’d been driving they would all still be alive. Or maybe I would’ve died with them. That would’ve been fine too. 

Instead, I was struggling to put myself back together while repairing the lighthouse. Life had been almost boring for weeks until the storm hit. Then, for some inexplicable reason, a ship was closing in on the shore while the light was down. One hasty repair later and tragedy was averted, but my night wasn’t over. There was a knock on the door and a woman collapsed into my arms. 

She was strange, beautiful, and silent. At first, when she woke, she only responded to my questions by song. There were no words, but the tune itself spoke to the constant aching pain inside me. As soon as the storm subsided, I planned to get her back where she belonged, because she sure as hell didn’t belong with me. No one did. 

Only I couldn’t get answers to my questions. The woman was a mystery wrapped in seaweed and nearly blue from the cold. So, I decided to fix her, just like I was fixing the lighthouse. There were few things that couldn’t be repaired with a little elbow grease and some TLC, except my heart. And this woman would want no part of that. 

Book Four: 

Zofia (Elf):

The forest was good for the soul. 

There I could forget my heartbreak and focus on nature…until I stumbled upon a human. A male. And though I was invisible to him as long as I wanted to be, I was also intrigued enough to venture closer. 

Soon I realized that he was working on a piece, music. He seemed super focused, determined, with more than a whiff of desperacy. When I sniffed deeper, I understood. The man was sick. No wonder this meant so much. I guessed he wanted to finish whatever he had going on before he passed away. 

Suddenly, my problems were forgotten. All I cared about was him. 

Day in and day out, I hovered nearby, learning his name, seeing his heart, inspiring his work, until I could be a secret no more. Grant was getting sicker. His time was running short. 

My Nonna sensed my new sorrow and dangled the possibility of a solution before me in the form of a story. Once there was an elf who fell for a human. They lived together and loved together for many years as husband and wife, despite the many differences between them. Though elves are immortals, the human ran out of time. His life ended, but it also began again. Because of their love, he passed on and transformed, becoming an elf, an immortal. They lived happily forever. 

It could be a lie, but it was worth a shot. All I had to do was reveal myself, have him fall in love with me, and then he’d never die. Grant had once been a distraction, but he’d become my whole world. I could lose him. I just needed him to not want to lose me too. And for that, I’d have to give him an even bigger reason to live, his progeny. 



Living on borrowed time changed everything. 

There were so many things I’d never done…fallen in love, married, had a family. And since I was dying I’d never do any of those. I wasn’t that selfish. So, I focused on what I could do, the legacy I could leave behind. Something that would hurt no one and enrich everyone.

Once it might have seemed impossible that I could finish the musical I’d dreamed of composing. Now, I had no doubt in my ability and only disbelief that I had enough time. Words that once flowed easily came to a grinding halt. The songs and notes in my mind grew silent. 

As the last desperate act of a dying man, I packed up and moved into the woods. My friends wouldn’t be able to distract me. And as a bonus, some kind of muse seemed to visit me every day. 

At first I only heard her, but the sicker I became, the more my little ethereal friend became real. I sensed she wanted to be left alone. I respected it, understood, I wanted to be left to my own devices too. After a short time, I realized she was the key to my success. Thanks to her encouragement, I might actually complete this masterpiece before I died. 

Only my disease was cruel. And one day I was too weak to get out of my cot. She visited me still. This time, she let me see her intentionally. “I’m Zofia,” she explained. Then she asked me to trust her. This beauty had already given me so much, there was nothing I wouldn’t give her in return. 

I nodded and to my surprise, she joined me in bed. The experience was unlike anything before. And if I’d been previously unsure of my feelings, I’d somehow fallen impossibly in love. Strengthened and rejuvenated, I set to work again, all while worrying I’d lost her, that she’d never return. 

Zofia never left my side. And weeks later, she pressed my hand to her thickening middle. “Your babe,” she announced. 

I knew what I had to do. I couldn’t let her be ostracized for my actions. Once I passed, I had to know she was safe and so was our child. “Marry me?” I begged, though I had nothing to offer. 

She planned the wedding for sunset the next day. Only the time seemed so far away. I wasn’t sure I’d live long enough to make her my wife and legitimize our baby. I’d need a miracle. I’d been sent Zofia. Asking for anything more seemed selfish, but I’d be anything for her, anything to live. I’d even believe in the power of love.  

Book Five: 

Nixie (Mermaid):

I’d always been fascinated with the human world. 

There were plenty of humans around…if I ventured past the safe zone. As the youngest of five merchildren, I had plenty of time for venturing. Half the time, I thought my parents barely remembered I existed. And I was okay with this. I wanted a different kind of life. Unlike my family, I spent more time awake on land than I did in the sea. 

When most of my friends were building sea castles, preparing to move out on their own, not far from their parents, I was building mine on land, far from everyone. While I worked, I discovered that the same building materials that worked underwater could work on dry land and withstand the punishing storms. While I explored the various shipwrecks, I found everything I needed to furnish my house. Life was good. My move was nearly complete when the latest storm hit. 

I hadn’t meant to interfere. I hadn’t meant to get involved. I’d been warned against humans. They only wanted to treat us like circus freaks. We would be held in captivity, studied in labs, hunted to extinction if we were anything more than a fisherman’s tale. The fear that warning inspired had kept us from interfering with mother nature. Only this time, I couldn’t help myself. There was something in his eyes when I let him see me. I had to save him, even though it was obvious he had already given up. 

So, I rescued him, brought him to my castle on the island, and healed him. The water in the lungs was easy. The bruised ribs were effortless. Repairing his broken heart was what pained me most. I could feel the pain, but I had no idea how to mend it. Then I did…I fixed him without meaning to, by replacing the hurt with hope, the loss with love, the fear with the possibility of forever. 

Mermaids loved but once in their life. If I gave myself to him completely, and he let me down, I’d be lost forever…adrift on land, torn from the sea. In my mind, that was the worst thing that could happen to me. I’d underestimated his entire species. I thought these non magical creatures were weak. That was before I understood how truly terrible and dangerous humans could be.  



I’d always been fascinated with the world under water. 

When I was younger, I’d thought I’d learn how to scuba dive, but it turned out that was an expensive hobby, one my family and I couldn’t afford. So, I did the next best thing to be close to water. I became a fisherman. 

This was the ideal occupation. On the water, I thrived. I didn’t mind the long hours. I never suffered from seasickness. And I loved letting my mind wander, since much of the time this was mindless work. What had I been thinking about lately? Mostly that I didn’t want to settle down with Brittney. 

We’d dated some in high school. And then I gave in and agreed to get an apartment together. She figured the next step would be marriage. We already had a dog together. Okay, he was my dog that I brought into the relationship and she kept trying to claim. Neither of us, me and Jack…the dog, liked it. For some reason, it didn’t feel right. I started pulling away. And then I moved out, but she still watched Jack when I was out working. I think because it gave her an excuse to see me. 

I talked to my older brother before I left for work. He was a fireman and I hated to bother him when he worked odd hours, but he assured me that from now on, I could leave Jack with him. He’d work it out. So, I’d told Brittney this was the last time she needed to watch my pup when I dropped him off, which in turn created a nasty fight. And I was so tired of arguing. I was tired of everything. I was just…over it. 

Maybe that’s why I didn’t react as quickly as I usually did when the alarm bells sounded on the boat. We were taking on water. And then we capsized. I didn’t even have a chance to get on all my gear. I’d been tossed in the lake, battered against the boat, and finally…as I had accepted my fate, a woman swam to me. I could’ve sworn she had a tail, but when I awoke in some strange place that could only be described as a giant sandcastle, I realized she had legs. 

More than that…she had a quiet strength, and a huge heart. She took care of me while I healed, which seemed to be happening in rapid time. And she showed me around her island. After a matter of days, when the weather had cleared and I was up and about again, she asked me to stay. I wanted to. I’d never felt so peaceful, so happy. I’d never wanted anyone like her. For some reason, even though I’d never used the ‘L’ word with Brittney, it was the first word I used with Nixie every morning, and the last one at night. 

She shared her secrets. She bared her soul. And I made up my mind. I’d stay. But first I’d have to go. And that when everything went so wrong. 

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