Faking It Trilogy (Mafia/CR)

Genre: Mafia/Contemporary Romance

Tropes: Fake relationship, Mafia, Protector

Setting: Northeast US

Book One Concept:


Marcella (Mafia Boss Daughter) Carmine (Eldest Lomabrdo son)

Main 1: 

  • Goal: To run the company her father vuilt
  • Motivation: Revenge toward her father for passing her over
  • Conflict: Falling for the enemy

Main 2: 

  • Goal: Earn Marcella’s Trust
  • Motivation: Protecting her
  • Conflict: Falling for the enemy


He did this on purpose. As I clenched my jaw in my father’s board room, I wanted his blood. He infuriated me beyond words and in turn was ready to hand everything over to the man I hated, Mauricio. My name is Marcella Bianchi, and my father owns the largest hotel chain in the world. At least, it’s what everyone else believes. He’s not only an entrepreneur, he’s a criminal. A cold-hearted one at that. 

He’s ready to hand everything over to Mauricio. For fuck’s sake, he isn’t even Italian. He’s the enemy. He’s not supposed to be one of us. Yet, my father blatantly tells his board members how he’s looking into new prospects to take over the company when he retires later this year. One of the members ask who it is, and when he dropped Mauricio’s name, I only saw red.

Over my dead body will I allow this to happen. I’m his daughter. I’m his only fucking child. He won’t hand what our family built over to the Argentinians. No, it’s not going to happen. 

We get home later that night and he asks me why I’ve been so quiet, and every feeling I have comes rushing out. I tell him what he’s doing is stupid and foolish, and he merely leans back against his bookshelves and watches me. When I’m finally done he tells me I’m careless, how I haven’t proven myself. It’s like he stabs me through the heart. All the sacrifices I’ve made to stay here, to work for the company, fuck, I even got my MBA to prove I was taking this seriously.

I ask him what will make me look more serious to him, and he tells me if I was married it would change things. So, I take it to heart. I take his words so seriously I storm out of the room, and rage consumes me. I can’t fall asleep that night, so I call my best friend, Lena, and we go out. 

Only, when we go into the city I tell her we’re going to Blaze, a night club owned by the Lombardo family. Specifically, Carmine Lombardo. Carmine is ten years older than me. He’s known for being a notorious mobster, and he’s exactly what I need. My father loathes the Lombardo family. He says they’re snakes in the grass and there have been many shootouts between our families.

I approach Carmine and I give him a proposition. He can marry me and call somewhat of a truce between my family and his, until after our wedding, and then we’ll burn everything to the ground.

My father raised me by myself, and one thing he instilled in me was to never settle for less than you deserve. 


Book One Plot:

Plot:  Ch 1: Marcella


  • The board meeting. As head of marketing and promotions, Marcella has to be at all the meetings. 
  • This one, her father is announcing who will be the new acting CEO of the hotel chain. She puffs up a little, thinking this is going to be the big announcement where her father hands over the company. Instead, he looks at Mauricio. She has no idea why he’s even at the table. 
  • Her father tells the story about how he went down to Argentina to check on his hotels there and met Mauricio. The kid was a go-getter. (20 then) He brought him back, took him under his wing, and has trained him for the last decade. The board buys it. They’re cool with it. Marcella is not. 
  • Seething. She rides home with her father. He asks why she’s upset, but with attitude, gloating, happy to see her upset. He tells her that she can’t run things. The misogyny is strong with this one. He tells her if she was married, things might be different. He reminds her Mauricio is coming over for dinner. It’s Friday night. They eat. The guys have poker night. 
  • She goes to her room, fuming. She’s not hungry. 
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Ch 2: Carmine 


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  • Only goes home one or two nights a week to have dinner with the family.
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  • He has a reputation for never going home alone. He has a driver. And there’s no drugs or drug dealing in the club. There are other ways. Like the drug smuggling through the distributors 
  • Opens at his father’s house for the family dinner. His father starts in on him about when he’s going to get married. C: Why you rushing me? You’re barely 60. You still have all your hair. 
  • Benito: Not the way you make me pull it out. I hear about you…your exploits, so many girls. I hope you’re being careful. 
  • C: Pop, so careful. Gotta go. 
  • He has the pre-opening meeting. Watch out for their VIPs. They have to make sure everything is up to par. Inspectors have been making surprise inspections. 
  • Then the doors open, everything starts moving along, same as every other night.  

Book Two Concept:


Months later and Carmine admits to me he thought I was fucking with him the day I went into Blaze, but I wasn’t. What started off as a plot to bring down my father has turned into so much more. I love the man with all of my being. It wasn’t supposed to be like this. He was supposed to be vile, and I was only supposed to be using him to achieve a common goal. Little did I know Carmine Lombardo has an untainted heart under all the blood he’s spilled. 

We take our relationship public and shock my father in the process. Carmine accompanies me to all my work events and he puts on a huge spectacle at a gala, proposing to me in the middle of the dance floor. The ring is massive and I bet anyone from a mile away would be able to see it. 

While my father’s worst nightmare just came true, Carmine’s father takes me under his wing. He loves how I fight for what I want and says while he and my father don’t see eye-to-eye, he did a great job raising me. 

My father hasn’t spoken to me in a couple of weeks, so Carmine and I go to his estate for a family dinner. We talk about wedding plans and my father loses his shit. He berates Carmine for not doing things the old fashioned way, for not asking him for my hand. Carmine laughs and tells him he’d never agree to what Carmine wanted, and my father confirms it. He calls him a plethora of names and tells him he’s only doing this to create issues. Carmine smirks, knowing all too well this is my idea. My father doesn’t even realize the type of woman he raised. 

Wedding plans proceed and I work with my fiance to make my father’s life a living hell. Only, the night before the wedding at our rehearsal dinner, an unexpected guest shows up. Mauricio. 

I ask what he’s doing here and he tells the entire room he had to come and thank my father straight away. My blood begins to boil and as he says my father handed him the keys to the business, I lose it. Carmine calms me down and whispers in my ear how the front means nothing, because the mafia will be mine, but none of it matters.

It will all be mine and I’ll do what needs to be done to take it back. 


Book Two Plot:


 Ch 1: Marcella (Saturday)

  • Open with the gala. 
  • A fundraiser at the hotel. She helped organize it. And even though she has been staying with Carmine ever since. (Two weeks) 
  • She still works at the hotel because her father would never touch her there. Carmine picks her up after work every day and drives her to work every morning. 
  • She sees him show up at the gala. The guy at the door wasn’t going to let him in, but she walked over and told the man that Carmine was with her. 
  • He looks around, amazed. He’s incredibly impressed with what she did. 
  • He’s mingling while she’s working. 
  • Her father comes over to her and whispers: Live it up now. You still have to work with me. 
  • She knows a threat when she hears one. 
  • Master of Ceremonies: Welcome…. 
  • At the end of the speech, he gives the floor to Carmine. 
  • Carmine calls for Marcella to join him. What’s going on?


Ch 2: Carmine 

  • He wanted the most public proposal possible. There would be no way that Edoardo could get in the way. 
  • When Marcella reaches him, he drops to one knee and proposes. 
  • The crowd goes wild. And even though she knew this was happening, she still looks shocked. 
  • They dance. They drink. They go home together. 
  • C: Do you like the ring? 
  • M: If I could’ve picked any ring in the world, I’d have picked this one. 
  • C: Are you going to be safe at the office? 
  • M: I hope so. 

Book Three Concept:


The night before the wedding was hell, but it confirmed one thing: I will never give up. With Carmine by my side, we can accomplish anything. The wedding proceeds as scheduled and it’s beautiful. My now father-in-law is amazing and totes me around afterward telling everyone I’m his daughter, how he’s so lucky. It makes me wonder what the problem was with my father, why he hated him so much. Only, I don’t understand until I’m in Italy for our honeymoon. 

We’re in Carmine’s seaside estate and he tells me he has to show me something. I of course think it’s some extravagant gift, so I rush up to him and take his hand in mine, smiling boatloads. But, the moment he takes me out of our bedroom and into the parlor, I almost fall to the floor.

The woman I haven’t seen since I was a baby is sitting on the couch with her hand in my father-in-laws–my mother. I don’t understand what’s happening. I don’t understand how she could be right here, right now.

My father-in-law starts the conversation and tells me my father beat my mother within an inch of her life, prompting her to take me and run away. He hid us from my father for a year when I was about two, but, ultimately my father found us. He tells me how my father’s marriage was contracted to my mother, and how I was part of the contract. Or rather, a child was part of the agreement. Based on the stipulations, she had to hand me over. She made the hardest decision she could and returned me to my father, but during their meeting he threatened to shoot her on sight if he ever saw her again. Since then, my father-in-law has kept a watchful eye on her ever since. But the rings on her finger signify  it’s more than just a watchful eye. 

Now I’m even angrier, not only has my father given away the business I’ve proved I could handle, he tried to kill my mother and kept her out of my life on purpose. He lied to me about everything. 

After our honeymoon I go to my childhood home and call my father out on everything. He pushes me down the stairs and I end up being taken to the hospital. I wake up in a room with Carmine by my side, holding my hand, and he asks me if I knew. I don’t know what he’s talking about so I tell him no. He’s the one who breaks it to me that I’m pregnant. He tells me I can’t fight this battle anymore, not since I’m carrying his child. Carmine vows he’ll right the wrongs my father committed and I know everything I’ve done up until this point was worth it. Funny how faking it brought me the happiness I’d been searching for my entire life. 

Book Three Plot:

Ch 1: Marcella

  • Wedding morning. Waking up alone in bed. Knowing that’s the last time she’ll have to do this. 
  • Luna & Stella show up. Hair and Makeup arrive. 
  • They get ready. Off to the church. 


Ch 2: Carmine 

  • With his father. They’re getting ready. 
  • Benito gives him a pep talk about the secret to a happy marriage. 
  • C: Love her unconditionally? 
  • B: Give until it hurts. Give your time. Give your attention. Give your money. Give her love. 
  • C: I can do that. 
  • B: The plane is ready for you. Still honeymooning at the family estate in Lake Cuomo. 
  • C: Yes. 
  • B: Good. 
  • They arrive at the church. The music starts. He’s getting married. 

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