Fated (RS)

Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Suspense

Tropes: woman in peril


Main 1: 

  • Goal: Finding her sister

  • Motivation: Solving her sister’s disappearance 

  • Conflict: Hardin keeping secrets, the police not helping

Main 2: 

  • Goal: Finding the truth about what his brother knows about a girl’s disappearance

  • Motivation: Finding out his brother didn’t do anything more than keeping his mouth shut.

  • Conflict: Falling for the missing girls’ sister/knowing that the band had something to do with it.

Setting: Midwest



I knew I was fated to find her, my big sister, older by two years. 

We were living together with a couple of our friends in an off campus apartment. The arrangement was damn near perfect. Sela and her bestie were 21. Cait and I weren’t. Only on this particular Saturday night, they’d decided to leave us behind so they could get into a club and see this new band: Fated. 

In my bones, I could feel this was a terrible idea, but nothing I said could dissuade her from going. She thought I was jealous. And no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t explain why I felt like she was in danger, like something was going to go wrong. Sela left anyway. I was right. I took no pleasure in it. 

The next morning, I discovered she’d never come home and best friend admitted she returned alone, unable to find Sela after the club closed. Some friend. The only useful information she shared was that Sela planned to sneak backstage and meet the band. She was never seen again. Cait joked that maybe my sister had run off with the drummer. I knew better. We waited as long as we dared. We called various friends when her phone started going to voicemail, probably dead. In my heart, I knew my sister was dead too. 

The police finally acted, and by then I guessed it was too late. I wasn’t wrong. Only we wouldn’t know that for sure for two years. I spent all my spare time trying to find her. My parents needed answers. I’d never seen them so broken. And I had no idea how I was supposed to navigate this world without her. Sela was my first friend. I couldn’t let her disappear and be forgotten. Finding her meant I needed to make new friends.

Hardin and I were fated to meet. 

After all, he showed the most promise in my computer classes. I had big plans for him. I’d changed majors. If I was going to find my sister, and bring her killer to justice, I’d need to study psychology, and forensics. I hadn’t thought past what I was going to do with the degrees past solving my sister’s disappearance. 

When I approached him, I wasn’t sure he’d be interested in helping me. Then, I remembered one aspect of this case that might pique his interest. “There’s a reward. It’s up to fifty thousand dollars,” I explained. “Raised through donations and fundraisers. You can have it all. I just need answers.” 

He seemed to consider my offer for a moment. I was dying for his response, but didn’t want to push him. “I’m in,” Hardin finally mumbled. “When do we start?” 

We started immediately. After a few weeks of working together non-stop, I didn’t want us to end. Hardin brought me comfort. He made me believe we could find her. And once we did, we would figure out what had happened to her, seek justice. 

I liked him. I liked me when I was with him. I liked suddenly having a partner when I’d felt so alone for so long. Still, I felt him holding back. And while we grew closer, I found myself trying to figure him out too. 

I wanted to believe we were meant to be, that he was the one good thing to come out of this awful situation, but I was afraid I was going to find out a truth that would also tear us apart. 

☆ Hardin ☆

My brother, Jace, built the band. Fated. 

He used to say that they were all brought together for a purpose, that they would make music, tour the world, and be huge. Devon thrived in the spotlight. And unlike other big brothers, he didn’t mind me tagging along. 

I’d been one of their roadies. I helped set everything up and tear it all down as we traveled around the US. Then came that weekend. I was supposed to be there, at the concert that night. Instead, one bad gas station burrito and I’d been left at the motel. It’s not like I would’ve been much help since I couldn’t stay out of the bathroom. 

Still, I waited for them to return with the kind of anticipation usually reserved for pizza delivery. They showed up and I noticed that Jace was subdued. They all were. And they didn’t want to talk about the concert at all. We left town, on the way to our next stop and whatever had gone down had lingering effects. They were snapping at each other. The vibe was off. And what was once fun now felt like a chore. When I tried to talk to Jace about it, he punched me. He’d never so much as given me a noogie before. 

So, I quit. I took my stuff and hopped a bus. That’s when I found out about the girl who went missing at the last stop. She’d been at the concert and was never seen again. I figured that Jace knew something and it was eating him from the inside out. 

I never imagined he’d be involved. I never thought he’d hurt someone. That’s why I moved to the town, and started taking classes. I was going to ferret out the truth. I was going to find that girl. Never in my worst nightmare would I believe that Jace was guilty of anything more than keeping his mouth shut. 

That’s when I met Marisa, the missing girl’s sister. We had a lot in common. We both wanted to find her sister. We both needed the truth to move on. And both of us had our lives changed by the same incident, the same night. Only one of us could admit it. I couldn’t even say it out loud. 

I promised her I’d uncover the truth. I meant to keep that promise, even if it meant that I’d learn something that could shatter the relationship budding between me and Marisa. I needed her more than she knew, her intelligence, her wit, her warmth. 

We were fated to meet. I just hoped that Fated wouldn’t also wreck us.



Ch 1 Marisa

  • Introduce the relationship with Sela and I, in the apartment, the week before the concert. We are close, we have a good relationship.
  • We’re talking about school, Sela talks about everything that is going on around campus, the parties, the whos of who at school, while I listen as I’m reading a textbook for school next week.
  • Cait and (other friend) come over, bring pizzas over for dinner.

Ch 2 Hardin 

  • I love being a roadie to my big brother’s band, Fated. I get to spend time with him and have fun.
  • Jace comes in with the rest of the band members into the cheap motel room after practicing. 
  • Joking around with the guys, getting pumped up for the next gig, which is in Michigan. 

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