Following Byrd (Dark RS)

Following Byrd (Dark RS)


Fish out of water, Stalker, Military man, Captivity

TOTAL Word Count: 5361

Price: $197

By Rae B. Lake

Characters >>> 

Main 1: Abbey

  • Goal: To get over the trauma she experienced due to her time in a POW camp after volunteering in a war zone
  • Motivation: She wants to get back to her life before everything happened, to just be normal again. 
  • Conflict: The warlord is stalking her and no one believes her.


Main 2: 

  • Goal: To live life in peace without any responsibilities
  • Motivation: He feels responsible for everything that went down during his last tour and doesn’t want to be responsible for anyone else ever again.
  • Conflict: Abbey is thrust in his life and she’s into something he has a lot of experience with. He’ll do whatever he has to in order to protect her. 



 I was a prisoner of war. I thought that experience would be the worst of my life but I was wrong. Once I was out of that hell hole I thought I was home free. I figured I’d go back to the life I once had before I decided to volunteer in a war zone. Apparently, when the warlord took me as his, he meant forever. 

The police tell me that I’m suffering from PTSD. The government tells me that the warlord is safely locked away. 

So how is it that I see him stalking me behind every corner? 

I have nowhere to turn. No one helped me. Just as I’m about to give up a stroke of luck puts Byrd in my life. 

A tall, scarred, ex-military man who steals my breath away and thinks I’m out of my mind. 

Still, he lets me tag along with him and slowly begins to realize that I’m not crazy.

He scares me, he’s just like the monsters that took me before. The only difference is Byrd is willing to burn down the world in order to keep me safe. 

I’ll follow behind him trusting that he’ll be the one to bring me to the other side. I only hope that when it’s over my heart is still in one piece. 



I was free. At least that’s what all the therapists said. They want me to leave the war behind. They want me to be a normal member of society. Whatever the hell that means. 

Just as I was about to go back to my small bit of peace, a woman better yet more like a goddess on earth hid herself in the bed of my truck. It wasn’t until I was back home that I realized she was there and by then it was too late for me to let her go. She tells me that she’s being hunted by a war criminal. She tells me that she’s scared. She tells me she needs me. 

I’m more than ready for the battle. 

What I’m not ready for is the battle for my heart. 


Prologue – Abbey

  • Abbey is locked in a small prison made of wooden bars. She knows that she may be able to get out but she also knows the consequences of trying to escape. She’d been there with three other volunteers, all women. The ones that tried to escape were taken, beaten, and from what she heard, raped. She didn’t want that to happen to her, but it was getting to the point where she didn’t have a choice. 
  • On a dark night she tried her luck and broke out of her small prison, as she ran through the dense jungle she heard a lot of commotion behind her. Thinking that it was the sadistic warlord or his soldiers she ran faster. She winds up getting caught and trying to fight her way. 
  • The person who caught her works for the US Military and had finally taken out of the prisoner camp. She is brought back to the camp and sees the warlord only known to her as Baron. He screams and tells her that he’ll never forget her and that she belongs to him. 


Chapter 1 – Abbey – 18 months later

  • She’s having a hard time dealing with living life again out of danger. She tries to put the past behind her but she feels like she’s going crazy thanks to the panic attacks and bad dreams. 
  • She takes a job at a local retail shop and being around the customers makes her feel better. She sees a therapist who tells her that she needs to be around people to see that not everyone is bad. Just when she thinks it’s working she starts to see Baron appearing at random locations as if he’s stalking her. 
  • She goes home sure that she’s just imagining or having a relapse because of her trauma but when she gets back to her small apartment her door is open and her things are different. Nothing has been taken but small items are not where they should be. His blinds are knotted at the bottom. The cans in the kitchen are all on their sides, the takeout food she had was all thrown out and there were place settings for two on her table. She didn’t know who’d done it but she was scared and called the police. 

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