Premade Concepts

Halfway to the Grave (PNR/UF) by Beth


  • hidden secrets, woman in peril, cheating death



  • Grayson & Ruben


  • Eastern Seaboard, US




Being a witch wasn’t something I put a lot of practice in. Sure, I was born a hereditary witch, inheriting powers from my mother, but I was mostly meh about it. Until, that is, Mom was murdered and the cops have no clue who killed her.


Determined to find out, I decide to try out a spell to raise Mom from the dead so she can help solve her own murder. Only things don’t go as planned. Instead of raising my mother from the dead, I somehow raise a soul trapped in limbo. He says his name is Ruben and offers to help me–if I complete the spell and raise his soul completely out of limbo. With no other option, I agree. 


Ruben is true to his word. I soon find out, via whatever methods he uses, that Mom and her best friend, a fellow witch, had a massive argument hours before Mom was killed, and now her friend is conspicuously absent. 


As I try to unravel the mystery and solve my mother’s murder, Ruben is right by my side. But who is he, really? Why is he so eager to help? How does he know what he knows? And why, for the love of the goddess, do I find myself wanting him in ways I know I shouldn’t?


Just as my feelings for Ruben click into place, so do the pieces of the puzzle–and I find out Ruben has been lying to me all along. Now I have to ask myself if what I feel for him outweighs his betrayal.  



Being trapped in limbo is no joke. My soul was sent there as punishment, and I vowed every day I’d find a way back. Then Grayson and her bumbling spell happened. With a little sweet-talking, I convinced her to complete the spell and raise me fully. I was finally free.


I was all set to go back on my word, but the forlorn look on Grayson’s face has me still here, actually doing a good deed for once. I go on a fact-finding mission, and boy is the tea hot. When I tell Grayson about the fight her mom had with her supposed best friend, I hold back the really damning part–damning to me, I mean. Because I’m inadvertently the reason Grayson’s mother is dead.


I can’t tell her that. There’s no telling what kind of revenge spell she’d try on me. I’m having a hard enough time keeping her from burning down the town while she’s searching for her mom’s missing best friend. 


I’m also having a hard time keeping my hands off the fiery witch. There’s something about her that makes me want to be better than I am for her. And that’s dangerous for both of us. 


But there’s no stopping this kind of need. Before I know it, we’re in what you could loosely call a relationship. That’s when all hell breaks loose.


Grayson finds out the truth, and I know what we could have had will never be. She’ll never forgive me. And since my soul is already halfway to the grave, my heart may as well join it.


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