Highway Temptations (Steamy CR)

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance

Tropes: Bad Boy, Road Trip, Fish Out of Water, Forced Proximity, Instalust

Characters: Kevia/Brooker

Setting: Midwest, USA

Heat Level: Mid To Steamy



Imagine waking up every morning and having absolutely nothing in your life excite you. 

That was the life I was living. 

I was a twenty-year-old virgin with nothing going for myself besides the entry-level job my parents set up for me at the local accounting firm. If I lived the life they wanted I’d be stuck in a cubicle my entire life, punching numbers into a spreadsheet.  I was so bored. All I wanted was a little adventure before I settled into adulthood and I knew the perfect way to get it. 

Before I took the job I decided to take a cross-country trip. I’d see all the sights and finally do something thrilling with my life. I loaded up my backpack, took out all the money I had in my savings and set out on my first journey as an adult. 

It didn’t even dawn on me that maybe a single young female trying to cross the country on my own would be dangerous. I learned my lesson quickly. 

Not more than a week into my trip, my slice of adventure turned into an absolute nightmare.  Just as I’m getting used to being on my own I’m attacked and robbed for everything I own. I’m left scared and penniless in the great countryside that is the mid-west.

With no other options I pick myself up and try to make my way back home except now I’d have to hitchhike until I could find a way to get some more money.

I’m going to need some help and I wind up getting that help from the most unlikely of places. 

Brooker is a trucker and not a nice one at that.  He’s crass, anti-social and he looks like he could kill a wild animal with his bare hands still something about him intrigues me. I want to know more about him. I want him to know more about me. 

The journey with him is tense and after waking from a nightmare and nearly punching him in the face I have no choice but to tell him about my harrowing ordeal with the bastards who assaulted me. 

I expected him to blame me for being out here alone or even tell me that things like that happen instead he becomes enraged and wants to go back for blood. He wants to protect me even though he barely knows me. 

Instead of violence, I decided we needed to lighten the atmosphere. It’s time to play a game. Twenty questions seem as good as any. 

The simple game opens the both of us to vulnerabilities neither of us expected. Not only do I find out Brooker is a lot more dangerous than I would’ve thought but I also find out that he’s the only man to turn me on so completely that all I want is for him to pull me into the back of his truck and ravage me. 

Our time together is cut short when the police pull us over and accuse him of being one of the people attacking hitchhikers but I make sure to let them know under no circumstances is Brooker to blame. I’m not going to let him go down for something he hasn’t done. 

Slowly we make our way back to my hometown, and the excitement of what we could have gives way to the reality of our situation. I can’t stay with Brooker. My life is already set back home. No matter how badly I want to be his passenger princess this isn’t the life for me. Or is it? 


My life has been one fucked up episode after another. Mostly because of me trusting people. 

I learned my lesson after the last time I trusted someone got me locked up. 

After I was let out of prison, I promised myself that I wouldn’t let anyone get close to me again and the best way to do that was to always be on the move. Becoming a truck driver was the best option. I only had to depend on myself and the rig I was in. 

Usually, I minded my own business and only interacted with people when I absolutely had to. Yet when I saw the young woman walking down the edge of the highway something in me demanded that I stop and pick her up. 

Kevia didn’t belong out in the open hitchhiking. She deserved to be laid up in the finest silks having someone feed her grapes by hand. I couldn’t give her any of that but I could get her out of the elements. 

The instant she was in my truck I knew I’d fucked up.  She was too sweet, too naive, too beautiful. 

Almost instantly she fell asleep and I made the mistake of startling her awake. The fury and fear that erupted from her body as she screamed and swung trying to wake from her nightmare was the first clue that something terrible had happened to her quite recently. 

She told me the story of the thieves that took everything from her and instead of giving her advice all I wanted to do was hunt those bastards down and kill them. That wouldn’t be good for my parole. 

Instead of letting me dwell on those emotions, she suggested we play a game. It’d been years since I’ve had long conversations with anyone and I guessed she assumed this was the way to get me to open up.  Twenty questions, it was juvenile but it proved useful. 

Not only was I able to figure out that she was single and a virgin but I also figured out that she wanted me. This beautiful woman was actually attracted to me. It didn’t take long for the questions to turn from fun and innocent to intense and sexual. I wanted her bad. Worse than I’d ever wanted any other woman before. It wasn’t just her body but the surprising curiosity burning inside of her that drew me in. I wanted to protect this woman with everything I had. 

When the cops pulled us over, ready to haul my ass in for a string of crimes they thought I was good for her intense faith in me let me know that I wasn’t the only one feeling the need to protect someone. She took up for me when she didn’t need to and that night I took her into the back of my truck and showed her just how grateful I was using my body. I made her scream my name in pleasure several times before we both fell asleep completely satisfied. 

The next morning, instead of driving my route I turned my rig around and decided to drive her back to her home.  As much as I wanted to keep her for myself, she just didn’t belong here. 

The miles flew and by the time I made it back to her town our little piece of adventure was coming to an end. Watching her hop out of my truck and walk away from me was the hardest thing I’d ever done even though I knew it was the right thing to do. 

I should’ve gotten right back on the road, but I found myself holed up at a nearby truck stop just thinking about how that brief time I’d spent with Kevia had changed me. 

When she showed up telling me that she wanted more than just a few stolen nights I should have sent her away, I should have told her that I had nothing to offer her. But I can’t. 

I need Kevia and no matter how outlandish and wrong it might be I don’t think I’ll be able to give her up. The temptation of having her in my life is stronger than anything I’ve ever felt before. 

Only $47!

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