Loving My Vacation Soldier Duet (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: Damsel in Distress, Military, Second Chance

Characters: Kimmy/Barrett

Setting: Mexico/USA

Heat Level: Writers Choice


Loving My Vacation Soldier – Book 1



What started out as the vacation of a lifetime quickly turned into a nightmare. 

 It’d been months since my ex broke my heart and a few weeks since I’d been passed over for a promotion I should have gotten. After one too many nights crying alone on my coach, my girlfriends decided enough was enough. The girls’ trip to Mexico was supposed to pull me out of my bad mood and the minute I stepped off the plane it did just that. 

A spontaneous trip outside the resort walls brought us to a small diner with authentic Mexican cuisine.  But that’s not all it brought. It was just our luck that a band of thieves would choose that restaurant to rob. With a gun pressed to my head, I figured my life was over until Barrett Airis stood up. 

Barrett saved our lives that day. His combat training coming through as one by one he disarmed and beat the thieves down. With every move, I became more and more attracted to the man. He was nothing like my ex, hell he was nothing like anyone I’d ever dated before.  He intrigued and turned me on all before he uttered two words to me. 

Just when I thought my luck couldn’t get any better it turns out that Barrett is staying at the same resort I am. Day by day we enjoy each other’s company. Minute by minute I realize just how perfect he is for me. 

Our innocent dates quickly turn into steamy trysts as we lose ourselves in each other. 

My love for him blooms so fast it’s scary. 

What if what I feel for him is just a vacation fling. What if he doesn’t want me the same way I want him. 

One way or another I’m going to find out. It’s fate that I’d come to a foreign country and find the man I know I’m supposed to be with. 

I found him. 


I don’t date. Ever. 

The women I usually choose to spend my time with know that. Right now all I care about is my military career. The one that’s quickly disintegrating away. 

After my second surgery, I figured I could use a little time away.  Mexico seemed as good a place as any. Some place I wouldn’t have to worry about taking orders or fighting the enemy. A place I could metaphorically let my hair down for a while. 

I should’ve known it wouldn’t be that easy. 

A simple bite to eat outside the resort quickly turned into mayhem. A crew of four bandits decided that was the perfect location for them to rob. They weren’t expecting someone like me. 

The military trained me well. The four of them, even armed, were no match for me. 

When I found out the little woman, Kimmy, and the rest of her friends were staying at the same resort I was it didn’t mean very much to me. That is until Kimmy decided to ask me out as a thanks for saving her life. I was itching for a little release and she was the perfect woman to give it to me. Or so I thought. 

Instead of only being interested in her physical features, over dinner, I realized how good she made me feel. We were from different walks of life but it was almost as if she were the yin to my yang. We complimented each other perfectly. 

Day after day we get closer and closer to each other. Night after night she takes me to heights I’ve never been. I’m completely addicted to her, mind and body. 

But I can’t keep her. As much as I want to she doesn’t have a place in my world. 

I’ve already planned my life, but I never planned for her. 

Loving My Vacation Soldier -Book 2



He didn’t want me. 

I put myself out there. I wanted to start a life with Barrett but getting back to his life in the military was more important to him. It took me a year to get over him but slowly I was starting to put my life back together. I even started dating again. Michael didn’t make me feel like Barrett but that was exactly what I was looking for. Something different. 

Still, I couldn’t stop the dreams I continued to have, the ones that all focused on how my life would’ve been different had I been with Barrett. 

I was so focused on getting over Barrett that I never noticed the strange things Michael did or the peculiar people he hung around. 

My entire world crashed around my head the minute Barrett knocked on my door and walked back into my life. 

I can’t allow myself to be wrapped back up in that man. Not after it’s taken me this long to get over him. It was my plan to stay as far away as I could but when my life is suddenly in danger I have no choice but to accept his help once again. 

Barrett left me high and dry once already but now all I can hope for is that, this time,  our love is strong enough for him to stay. 


All I want is Kimmy. 

I tried to put her out of my mind. For a full year I focused on my career in the military but when the opportunity to get out arose all I could think about was getting back to her. 

I broke her heart. Made her think that I didn’t really want to be with her. I knew it was going to take everything to get her to forgive me and I was ready for the challenge or so I thought.  

She was just as strong-willed as she was when we left Mexico. Our short time at the resort changed both her and me. 

All my life I never thought I would want a wife, someone that I was beholden to but that was before Kimmy. Now instead of the solitary life I’d always seen for myself all I could envision was a life with her. 

The problem was her new boyfriend Michael was in the way. I wasn’t expecting her to have moved on with her life and to have found another man. He was in my spot. He held a title that was rightfully mine.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was just willing him to be a bad guy but when more and more signs point to the fact that Michael isn’t as good as Kimmy seems to think he is I know I can’t leave her again. 

Not when her life is at risk. 

I’ll do anything I can to save her even if it means I might lose her all over again. 

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