Mine for Keeps (Hockey)

Genre: Hockey Romance

Tropes: small town, single mom, scared to try again

Characters: Luke Tanner, Maddie Ellison

Setting: Small Town, USA

Heat Level: As hot as you like it



I was washed up; a has-been hockey player coming home to deal with the aftermath of a career ending injury. I was sad about it, and more than a little embarrassed. After all, I was Luke Tanner, the small-town boy who had made it to the big time.

But shit happens, and now I’m settling into my new life, helping my dad with his contracting business and teaching little league hockey. I have to keep my hand in the game somehow or I’ll go stark raving mad. Besides, it’s fun watching these little guys having a blast on the ice.

Especially Bryce. He’s the smallest guy out there, and the one with the most heart. His mom is there for every single practice and game–his single mom. And I’m interested. But she’s not.

Maddie’s eyes are wary and her smiles are fake. I want to change that. I want to make her mine for keeps.


Luke is as sexy as they come, and he’s so patient and kind with Bryce. I’ve seen him looking at me, and I have to admit those eyes get me hot and bothered.

But I can’t risk it. I can’t risk letting someone else get close to Bryce and I, just to leave when something better comes along. And something better will surely come along for Luke–he’s too good to remain in this little town.

He makes me want things I shouldn’t want though. I imagine playing with him a little, just to ease the burn of loneliness. But he’s made it plain he wants more than a few nights of fun. He’s in this to win the game, only I’m not sure if I can play on his level.

Only $47!

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