Premade Concepts

Mine to Protect (Dark CR) by Beth


  • woman in peril, forced proximity, forbidden attraction



  • Sarabeth Russell & Dante Santos


  • Prison




I’ve been a prison guard for seven years, the past three of them on the male side. I enjoy my job, and I know how to put unruly prisoners in their place.


For the most part, it’s actually a quiet, routine job. Occasionally there is some trouble, but it’s quickly and easily dealt with. So I’m just living my life, working and going home to my cat Tubbs, when one day my life is changed forever.


We get a new inmate in. Dante Santos. He’s been sentenced to ten years on a drug charge. He’s a sexy bastard. I shouldn’t think that, but I can’t help it. And the longer we interact, professional as it is, I find myself more and more attracted to him.


I don’t let anyone know that though. How can I? It’s wrong on so many levels. I’m a prison guard, he’s an inmate. It’s forbidden. Even if his image in my mind is what I get myself off to when I’m home alone.


And then one day, after Dante has been there three months or so, disaster strikes. There’s a riot. Three of the most dangerous inmates have broken out of their cells and they’re holding all of us prisoner until their demands are met. And they keep looking at me, touching me, whispering vile things to me. I’m terrified because there’s no way I can fight all three.


That’s when Dante swoops in and saves the day. He gets me to a relatively safe and hidden location–a small triage room–and vows to protect me with his life. As the war between inmates and guards rages on, I’m fighting a losing battle against my need for Dante. I shouldn’t want him, but I do. Desperately.


When this is over–if we survive–what will happen? Can we have a happily ever after, or am I doomed to heartbreak?




I admit to being a hellion all my life. All I can say is, Mama tried. But I went my own way, I fucked around and found out, and now I’m doing ten on the inside.


There’s one bright spot inside these gray walls. Sarabeth Russell. She may be a hardass prison guard who knows how to handle herself, but I find her irresistible. She’s gorgeous, tough, and has a sly wit that I enjoy on the rare occasions she lets her guard down.


I know my feelings for her are impossible. A relationship with her is impossible. She walks the straight and narrow, and I’m a convicted felon. But now and then, I catch her looking at me with longing, and I know she feels the same way I do. There’s just nothing we can do about it.


 I hear rumblings about a planned riot, and those rumblings are confirmed when two of the worst prisoners come to me and ask me to participate. I decline, but tell them I won’t interfere with their plans. And when the day comes and hell begins happening all around me, I keep my word–I don’t interfere.


Until I hear them talking to Sarabeth, threatening her with awful things. She’s keeping her cool, but I can tell she’s scared. And my protective instinct kicks into overdrive. They’ll have to kill me before they touch her.


I manage to get us locked into a small room where we’ll hopefully go unnoticed until all is clear. But I have to admit that Sarabeth is still in danger. There’s no way I can be locked in this room with her and not touch her. When she responds, I know I was right–she wants this too.


But want isn’t enough, not for us. Because when this is over, if we make it out alive, what happens? How can we be together when she’s a prison guard and I’m a prisoner? Heartbreak is coming. The only question is how.

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