Paws and Passions (Rom Com)

Paws and Passions (Rom Com)


Fish our of water, Billionaire Hero, Take Charge Heroine, Friends to Love

TOTAL Word Count: 4579

Price: $177

By Rae B. Lake

Characters >>> 

Main 1: Emma

  • Goal:  To find a job that she loves and not quit at being a dog walker
  • Motivation: She finds that she’s not stressed as bad being a dog walker
  • Conflict: Her feelings for Max’s owner Jake open her up to a world she never thought she’d be passionate about. 



Paying attention has never been my strong suit. 

More times than not I find my mind drifting off into my daydreams. When I was younger it wasn’t much of a problem but now that I’m an adult and expected to be responsible, paying attention is kind of important. 

I had a good job as a marketing company but of course, I found myself daydreaming more than actually working. The job was sucking the life out of me.  After signing up for an assignment that I just can’t suffer through I decide to move on with my life and into a different career.  Child care is something I’ve always been good at and when I find a listing I apply.

The minute I meet Jake Justice I’m struck by how gorgeous he is. I’m not paying attention when he tells me the details of the job. The same details I barely skimmed over when I was applying. When a large golden retriever Max, comes bounding out of the back room instead of a child I realize just how mistaken I am. This is a job for a dog sitter, not a babysitter. 

I’m sure it can’t be that hard. 

Turns out it was unbelievably hard. Not only does Max not want to listen to me but the huge dog nearly drags me from end to end of the neighborhood.  But I’m not a quitter. Slowly and surely I help Max get used to me and Jake as well. Slowly they both get under my skin until all my daydreams become one with the life of the big and little paws around me.


Chapter 1:

  • Emma is at her job, going through another boring meeting. She is great at marketing and can really get her name out there in the public, but she doesn’t quite see the joy that she used to have in it. She thinks that it might be time for a change. Her boss, Chris, calls on her, and since she isn’t really paying attention, she just nods her head at whatever it is he’s saying. Everyone in the office starts to giggle, and one of her friends sends her a text letting Emma know that she just volunteered to work on a male erection pill campaign.

  • Mortified, Emma tries to get out of the job, but her boss Chris tells her that this is basically her last chance, that he’s noticed her decline in her output. Emma leaves her job, knowing that Chris is right. She can’t stay at her job anymore, not with this amount of stress and unhappiness.

  • She decides it’s time for a life change and drafts up her resignation letter. As she’s doing that, she also looks through the paper trying to find anything that she can do while she works on getting herself a new career. She bypasses all the waitress jobs and the ones that seem a bit sketchy and settles on the few jobs that have to do with babysitting. She’s done quite a bit of babysitting when she was in high school and college and always found that she had a knack for it. She finds one offer that is on the higher price range and she applies. She feels better about taking the right steps in her life.

Chapter 2:

  • Emma hands in her resignation and is surprised when she checks her email and finds an offer from the gig she applied to last night. Apparently, the father is desperate to get someone started right away. He’s even offered a bonus if Emma is willing to start on the same day.

  • She agrees and tells Jake, the father, that she’ll be there as soon as possible. She gets to the townhouse where Jake is located and is happy to see that it’s close to her own home, so she won’t have very far to go in the morning commute. So far everything seems to be going exactly how she envisioned.

  • The man introduces himself as Jake Justice. Emma is instantly drawn to how attractive the man is. He’s well-built but not too muscular, and he seems like he takes good care of his hygiene. Emma doesn’t remember ever seeing anyone with straighter teeth.

  • Jake is going over her duties, but once again she’s stuck looking at Jake, not really paying attention to what he’s saying. Jake finishes off his speech by saying, “Here’s the little one now,” and Emma thinks she’s about to see his child only to have a large golden retriever come jumping over to her. She freaks out and runs away, startled by how huge the dog is. She finds out that she agreed not to be a babysitter but a dog sitter.

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