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Full disclosure. 

When I first heard about all the different AI options out there, I wasn’t particularly interested. 


I’m not what you would call…techy. I don’t rush out and hop on trends. I take time to implement changes because…technology and I get on like oil and water. So, I pretty much ignored all the excitement until the team at QuickWrite AI reached out. See, I’d already promoted one of their products: Mock Up Shots, and they wondered if I’d be interested in trying out QuickWrite AI. If I liked it, I could share this product too. 

Since I don’t share what I don’t try, and since I already liked one of their products, I agreed to take QuickWrite AI for a test drive. Immediately, I started to understand why AI is the topic of conversation. 

  • QuickWrite AI is easy to implement. In a matter of minutes, I was up and running. When it comes to technology, I’m rarely able to adapt so quickly. 
  • QuickWrite AI handled a task I’d been dreading in record time. The task? My newsletter. I needed copy for it and I was so worn out (Black Friday through Cyber Monday), I was out of words for what I truly needed to accomplish. I think I put in a prompt like…I need copy for a newsletter about…whatever the offer. And BAM. It spit out the words I couldn’t find. All I had to do was insert my voice. So. Much. Easier. 
  • QuickWrite AI offered a LIFETIME DEAL all through the month of March. I am a huge fan of LTDs. As authors, we need to remember to watch our bottom line. 

Naturally, I felt bad when the deal ended. I knew some people probably didn’t see my posts on social media, or open my newsletters. I knew that the subscription model might make this unaffordable for some authors. 

Ready for some good news? 

You can still get a lifetime deal if you purchase through an affiliate link. Yessss!

How will QuickWrite AI help you? 

  • Develop well-rounded characters with backstories.
  • Master world-building that complements your storyline in seconds.
  • Get original scenarios that provide multiple options so you can create better stories. (Imagine getting stuck…only instead of being thwarted by writer’s block, you play with QuickWrite AI…and the words flow once again!)
  • Reduce research time with access to a vast pool of data and ideas for key elements and plot points for your story.
  • Craft a compelling email with the click of a button.
  • Write sales copy for your book with ease.
  • Create social media content for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn articles. (I’ve done this. So helpful when paired with Canva to bulk create!)
  • Generate genre-specific blog content you can use to get traffic to your website or blog.
  • And much more!
I think you’re going to LOVE it. This is a fantastic way to ‘outsource’ tasks you struggle to accomplish.
PS. Please note: I am an affiliate for many of the products I share. This doesn’t cost you anything, but per FCC requirements, I need to make you aware that I might receive money from anything you purchase. Oh, but I don’t share anything I haven’t already bought, used, and liked. 

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