Role of a Lifetime (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Tropes: small town, age gap (older woman), famous actress, single dad

Characters: Eve / Harrison

Setting: Brookhollow, Arkansas

Heat Level: (Not Set)



My career as an actress had always left me feeling plenty fulfilled. My childhood best friend and now personal assistant, Kerry, meant I was never lonely. We’d been traveling together for years, filming at locations around the world. Neither of us had wanted children or a man to tie us down. 

Then my latest film took me to the quaint town of Brookhollow, Arkansas  and everything changed. We were assigned security, as often happens. Through the years there had been plenty of boy toys who would’ve loved to have some extra attention from me. Some even received it. Only now we were saddled with Harrison, and he was aloof at best, professional and cold at worst. I had no idea how to react to him. Oh, but my body did. 

Every time he was near, my heart fluttered, and my body ached for his touch…which never happened. I’d about given up on breaking down his walls when he caught me, preventing a nasty fall in the ridiculous heels they had me wearing on gravel walks. In an instant, our eyes met and I knew this guy was different. If I had any doubts, that first searing kiss turned them to ashes. 

We were inseparable. He even introduced me to his daughter. The filming was nearly over. All good things had to come to an end, but I hoped that didn’t mean us. I had begun to think nothing could come between us, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Past hurts, trust issues, and lies might be more than we could overcome. And his ex-wife might be the fork in our future. 

For once in my life, my career and my bestie weren’t enough. I wanted Harrison too. 


A former city cop, I had moved to the small town to get away from it all, and raise a family with my wife. I’d given up the adrenaline highs for Grace, but it turned out that I wasn’t enough and our daughter was too much. She longed to be a country music star and when she caught the attention of a talent scout for a record label while singing karaoke, she took his offer and ran off. 

I’d never imagined I’d be a single dad. If anything, I thought I’d be killed in the line of duty, but Grace left me dead inside. I’d have rather taken a bullet. All these years nursing a bruised ego, hiding in humiliation, and raising Brenna had taken a toll on me. I was nothing like the guy I was ten years ago, before she left us. And I’d never moved on. 

Brenna was my whole world, even if at fifteen she could be a tad trying. Some days she could be a lot trying. This was my life. Brenna, along with my role to protect and serve. We were doing just fine until the town was picked as a movie location. I could see why. I’d chosen the place too. As the most experienced and fittest member of the squad, I was selected to look after Eve Young, the star. 

I didn’t know what to expect, but she was a surprise to say the least. Many years my senior, I didn’t expect to find her attractive, but I soon spent entirely too much time trying to ignore the heat between us. These shoots could go on for months and I could only hold out for so long. I did my best keeping my distance, remaining professional, but even I had my breaking point. And when I caught her in my arms, I knew I was a goner. 

She fit like she was made for me. The more we talked, the more we had in common. And our differences kept it interesting. She worried I’d want more children, but that ship had sailed for me long ago. She worried Brenna would hate her, but my daughter loved having a woman…especially a famous woman…in our life. And she feared that she couldn’t compete with my past. The thought had never crossed my mind. 

Eve was here and she was nothing like my ex. Grace was gone and she couldn’t hold a candle to my new love. I was ready to start over and truly live for the first time in a decade. 

I should’ve known better than to think Eve was different and I could have a second chance. I should’ve never believed that Grace would stay gone. And I don’t know why I thought Brenna and I needed someone else in our life. Love only brought pain, trouble, and lies when all I wanted was some peace, happiness, and the truth. 

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