Saving the Dead Trilogy (PNR)

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Tropes: Enemies to Lovers, Protector

Characters: Kinsey/Bram

Setting: (Not Set)

Heat Level: (Not Set)


Saving the Dead 


☆ Kinsey ☆

Knowing when someone is about to die isn’t a gift. 

My mother warned me about this. She told me to never let anyone know that I can see when they are going to die. I guess the only real benefit is that I only know when the time is getting close. But I’m never to play god and decide who lives or dies. She said we have to let it happen. Maybe encourage the person to make their amends so there would be no regrets but even that wasn’t something that was easy to do.

I didn’t listen to her.

I play god. If I can’t stop a tragedy, then what’s the point in having this so-called gift. 

The little girl who was about to be hit by a car sure seemed grateful. As did her parents. There was no good I could see that would come of her life ending.

Except I got cocky. I thought I could do this at my own will and I won’t lie, I sort of like the power that comes with it.

It’s the moment that I save a man from a reaper that everything goes sideways.

I broke my number one rule. Never interfere with the reapers because if they find out what I can do, then there will be a price on my head. When it comes to death, they are the final word, the supreme court of the supernatural world, and now, I have a price on my head.

I’m going to have to team up with a supernatural being that I know almost nothing about to play god with my own life. I’ve stayed out of that world until now. According to him, he’s going to help raise the army that I need to escape the reaper but even that won’t come without a price.


Raising the Dead 


☆ Kinsey ☆

When Bram told me he’d help me raise an army that would help me escape the reaper that’s out for my blood, I didn’t know he’d mean raising the dead.

OK, they weren’t really dead but they might as well have been. Humans don’t know about the undergrounders. They wouldn’t be able to handle it. The fact that there’s an entire colony of beings that lives underground and never comes above would make their tiny human brains explode.

The undergrounders aren’t dead but they don’t do well with sunlight and have been bred to remain in their lives. They live down there, work down there. It’s basically an entirely different universe that mirrors the human world. Only it’s underground.

Bram says that they are the key to beating the reaper at his own game because the reaper does not have jurisdiction over them. The reaper does not collect from the underground when one of them dies. 

If I can get them on my side, I should be good.

Except my mother always told me that the undergrounders can’t be trusted. They have their own needs in mind so don’t ever count on one to care about yours.

But if they’re my only hope then we’ll have to come to an agreement. I’ll give them something they want if they help me.

Except what they want makes me think that falling to the reapers might be a better way to die. 


Breaking the Dead 


☆ Kinsey ☆

The undergrounders want me to work for them. There’s power in knowing when someone is going to die and they want to harness that for their own good. Why? So they can become the above-grounders. Or something like that. Whatever. They want to live above ground.

No longer happy with the status quo, the undergrounders will help me repel the reapers but the price is my indentured servitude. When I reject that idea, the leader of the underground takes me as his own. 

At least he’s promised that he doesn’t want to breed with me.


See, if I have children, which I’ve vowed to never do, my gift would be passed on to them. The leader explains that it might be easier if I start pumping out some kids for them. Then their power status will be secure.

There’s no chance in hell that’s going to happen and Bram vows to find another way.

I won’t wait for him. I’m in the business of saving myself.

I’ll get out of the underground on my own because what none of them know, is that my power doesn’t only allow me to know when someone is going to die but under the right conditions, I have the power to speed it up with the touch of my hand.

I’ve never used it before and it’s going to take some time to focus it where I want, then I have to convince the undergrounders to let me touch them before any of them figure out what I’m going to do but hey, it’s a plan.

One that I’m going to execute. I don’t have to kill them all if I can get to those in charge.

Once I break them, I’ll find Bram, and deal with the reapers.

Even if I die trying.

Only $135!

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