Taking One For The Team. Trilogy (CR)

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Setting: Northeast

Book One Concept:


Colby and Charlie

Main 1: Colby

  • Goal: To heal from an injury and get back to playing
  • Motivation: He’s raising his sisters’ kid
  • Conflict: Falls for his physical therapist

Main 2: 

  • Goal: Start her new job and be good at it
  • Motivation: To get out of debt
  • Conflict: Falls for her patient


Tropes: athlete, single dad, therapist/patient, different worlds



I spent a week in the hospital while they tried to decide the best course of action. I’d been injured in a game. The break was clean. The play wasn’t.

I’d done what I’d been hired to do: protect the quarterback. And the team respected my efforts, but it didn’t change that I was out for the rest of the season and whether I’d ever play again was still up in the air.

I promised them I’d return. I had to. I was raising my sister’s baby. She’d died during childbirth. Her husband had been killed in Afghanistan. That left me.

No one thought I could do it, but ten months in, I felt pretty good. No one thinks I can heal, but I’ll prove them wrong again. I hired the best physical therapist in town, Charlie Walters. Turns out Charlie was short for Charlotte, which was good because I was having some serious feels for her, even if she didn’t seem to like me at all.

Luckily, I thrived on challenges, since Charlie was going to be the biggest one yet.

Book One Plot:

Ch 1 (Colby)


  • Finishes filling bottles, packing the diaper bag 
  • Getting Amelia dressed: wearing baby cheerleader outfit for the team 
  • Little pep talk 
  • Drop off with Miss Hazel
  • Onto the football stadium, 
  • Injured, broken leg


Ch 2 (Charlie)


  • New to the practice 
  • 26: second career, was a nurse, hated it 
  • Nose deep in debt 
  • Job interview 
  • You’re going to need that sense of humor

Book Two Concept:


Cait and Jonas

Main 1: Cait

  • Goal: To make Jonas hers
  • Motivation: No one compares to him
  • Conflict: They had a falling out over a fake relationship


Main 2: Jonas

  • Goal: To overcome their past
  • Motivation: Have Cait as his girl
  • Conflict: best friend’s sister, falling out


Tropes: brother’s best friend, second chance, unrequited love, military



We were twins. Fraternal twins. Still, Brayden and I couldn’t have been closer. We were inseparable. His friends were my friends. My friends were his. And that worked out really well, until high school.


Then he slept with my BFF, Hannah. And I felt betrayed by both of them. My father tried to coach me toward forgiveness. My mother had a different take. “Teach him a lesson,” she joked. I took her suggestion seriously.


On a Friday night, after the football game, I waited for Jonas, my brother’s best friend, outside the locker room. He was confused. I explained my plan. We’d pretend to date. We’d let Brayden think we were serious about each other. That would teach him.

Somewhere along the way, this whole thing ended up getting out of hand. I fell for Jonas. He and Brayden had a falling out. I was wholly to blame. By then, we were graduating. And a few months later, we’d all gone our separate ways, which was nothing like we’d planned.


I learned a lot while I was in college.


  1. Family was forever. This meant I had to fix things with Brayden.
  2. No guy could ever compare to Jonas. I should know. I’d done nothing but compare for four years.
  3. Somehow, I had to make him Forever Mine.


And this was where it would get tricky. How could I possibly make all of this work?




I’d had a crush on Caitlin all through elementary school, which began the day she tied my shoes when I was too shaken to do it myself. As she matured, my feelings only deepened.


Though I wanted more, I was satisfied just being near her. Then she shocked me. Brayden had crossed a line. She wanted to show him how it felt to be betrayed. And I was on board because it meant Cait would be mine, even if only for a little while, even if she didn’t mean it. I could mean it enough for both of us.


Only, Brayden knew the truth. He saw through the act and knew I was in love with his sister. And she had her revenge, but at what cost? Hearts were broken. Threats were made. And bonds were irreversibly destroyed. Instead of college, I joined the Marines for a four year tour. I needed to find myself.


When I returned, Brayden and Cait were back from their schools. We were all in the same town again. I had no idea what it meant for our futures, but I longed to overcome our past.


One thing hadn’t changed: I still wanted Cait to be forever mine.


Book Two Plot:

Chapter One (Cait) 

  • Open with Cait and Brayden fighting 
  • Parents stop the argument and then pull them aside to talk separately
  • Dad tells her to forgive him. He’s your brother. 
  • Mom: teach him a lesson. 
  • So, she knew just what to do: pretend to date Jonas


Chapter Two (Jonas) 

  • Friday night basketball game 
  • Exiting the locker room, Cait was waiting 
  • Your brother left already 
  • Cait: I’m here for you 
  • She explains the plan. He already knows that Brayden slept with Hannah
  • Cait wants him the fake boyfriend. He agrees. He has had a crush on her since the day she tied his shoe in elementary school
  • “Where do you want to go?” The usual party only this time…together

Book Three Concept:


Hannah and Brayden

Main 1: Hannah

  • Goal: To heal from an injury and get back to playing
  • Motivation: He’s raising his sisters’ kid
  • Conflict: Falls for his physical therapist


Main 2: 

  • Goal: Start her new job and be good at it
  • Motivation: To get out of deby
  • Conflict: Falls for her patient

Tropes: secret baby, second chance


It was one night. It wasn’t supposed to ruin our lives forever.

We were in high school and my long held crush on Brayden finally met an end. A quick end. After a big win, we’re celebrating and his house. The best part was… Brayden kissed me, which absolutely breaks every code out there.

His sister is my best friend. But that kiss led to more, including my best friend being pissed that I hooked up with her brother. I understood. Lots of people tried to use Cait to get to Brayden and I was never supposed to be one of them.

Then my life completely changes. 

A small plus sign on a pregnancy test came with a lot of decisions to be made. The first one is… I’m never telling Brayden. He has a future ahead of him and I wouldn’t be the one to derail that.

So I keep it a secret. It’s all going well until he finds out.

Now he hates me, or so I think, and wants to be part of our daughter’s life.

I owe him that but deep down, I can’t help but hope that he’ll want me too.

Book Three Plot:

Ch 1: Brayden 

  • Celebrating a win 
  • Going to states, which means travel 
  • Pizza party. Brayden and Cait’s house. Everyone is there 
  • Spin the bottle, kiss. Ew. 
  • Reflecting on it 


Ch 2: Hannah 

  • Goes up to the kitchen to refill snacks 
  • Brayden casually joins her 
  • Really kisses her, smooths over the situation 
  • Cait interrupts 
  • Sleeps over. 
  • Ends with them discussing the kiss and how dating would be awkward 

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