Tamed By The Earl (HR)

Genre: Historical Romance

Tropes: Arranged Marriage, Enemies to Lovers, Battle of Wills

Characters: Diana/Hugh

Setting: England, 1800s

Heat Level: Spicy



Imagine having to deal with the threat of imprisonment simply because you were smarter than the men in your small town. That is exactly what I’m having to contend with. 

I’m nothing more than a commoner, the daughter of a simple warehouse owner but I have a mind for numbers and business. I was tired of living hand to mouth simply because my father had always been too much of a drunkard to understand how to properly run his business. I decided to put an end to that and since I turned the ripe age of eighteen I’d secretly been running the warehouse as my own. 

As a female it was against all of our society’s norms for me to be in charge of any business, still I was sure if I kept my dealing a secret I’d be able to build a better life for myself. Of course, I have no such luck. My position was revealed the minute my father defaulted on his taxes and demanded that I take ownership of my part in the company. A fact many of the townsfolk deemed improper for any woman. 

I had two choices, either I spend my early years locked up in a cell no bigger than a carriage or I submit to the one fate I never saw for myself, marriage. 

I figured my father would push for me to marry one of the commoners in town but he had his sights set on loftier goals and fatter purses. He arranged a marriage to no other than Hugh Whitecoat, the secluded and downright oppressive Earl no one wanted to cross. 

Stepping over the threshold into Hugh’s massive estate proved to me several things, my life would no longer be what I’d hoped and if I wanted to survive I’d have to fight. 

If Hugh thought I’d lay back and be his simple broodmare he had another thing coming. I was not a woman of grace and decorum, instead, I was a firey wolf, cunning and smart and ready for whatever fight came my way. 

I was determined to make my new husband’s life hellish enough that he’d divorce me.

Except I wasn’t prepared for what being betrothed to the intensely masculine Hugh would do to me.  He didn’t back down as I found most men did when faced with a challenge, instead, he engaged in my games and had his own tortures to inflict on me both mentally and physically. 

Day after day, I pushed back against his rule but at night I lay in my chambers touching myself aching for him like a wanton street walker. 

No one had ever made me feel the way Hugh made me feel and as hard as I tried to stop myself from wanting him, every heated glance in my direction had me desperate and nearly crazed with need for him. 

Giving myself to him had never been part of the plan, letting him tame that raging fire inside of me was the worst of ideas. Yet, I yearned for it and moreover, I can tell that he is just as needy as I. 


You don’t get to a status as high as mine without instilling a healthy amount of fear in the people around you. 

I’ve never cared how my workers or my fellow noble-blooded equals viewed me as long as they didn’t try to cross me. Still at my age there was more to life than just building up an empire of wealth and business notoriety. It was time for me to take a wife. A chore I wasn’t looking forward to. 

I had no need for live in cunny, not when I could have any woman in the town on her knees in front of me with just a flick of my finger, still it was the proper thing for me to do. 

When I received notice from one of my competitors that his daughter required a suitor I jumped at the chance. Not because I wanted her but simply because I wanted to put her in her place. I heard all the rumors of her being the actual head of the business. A business that had thwarted and out bid me several times in the past. 

Yes, Diana, would do well as my wife. I’d tame her and teach her the correct place of a woman. 

At least that was my plan. 

After mere moments in her company, I knew everything I’d thought about what I’d be able to get her to do was wrong. Most women especially in this small town were meek and simply in need of a strong man to command them, but not my new wife. 

Diana was fire and rage. She challenged me at every turn and instead of it turning me off I find that it only intrigues me more. 

Soon I find myself wanting to show her exactly who I am, letting her see that I’m not the honorable man most seem to think comes along with the title of an Earl but instead the master of my home who will stop at nothing to bring her to heel. 

Her fight excites me and the thought that I would be the first man to have her, the first man to tame that minx inside of her has me wild with need. 

Night after night I work on breaking down my new wife’s walls until I find that my own walls have broken down in the process. She gets under my skin and I even find myself seeking out her counsel on matters that I would normally handle myself. 

I don’t see the enemies rising up against me in the background until it’s too late. While I was busy losing myself in Diana my business and my very name were being tarnished. 

Something that would’ve never happened had I been focused on what truly mattered. 

Diana may be a distraction but what my enemies don’t understand is the moment she became mine they became her enemies as well. 

Together we’ll fight back against those that try to take what’s ours. 

When I first met Diana I’d set out to break her but now I need her just as ruthless as I’ve ever been. Will we be able to come out on top once again or will society destroy us and our newfound love. 


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