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The Broken Contract DUET (CR) by Rae


  • Billionaire Hero, Secret Baby, Fish out of Water



  • Mariam & Michael


  • USA



The Broken Contract – Book 1



I’ve always been a good girl, someone who followed by all the rules even when it seemed silly. So how I ended up in the running to become a surrogate for a multi-billionaire is beyond me. 

No, that’s not true. I know exactly how I got here. 

My ex-boyfriend destroyed my credit and cleaned out my bank accounts until I didn’t even have enough to pay for my little brother’s cancer treatments.  Now I was stuck with no way of getting the money I needed. No way except to become Michael Granite’s surrogate.

When I signed up to be considered for the position I didn’t think I had a chance but after one interview and a rather intense physical Michael personally let me know that I was exactly what he was looking for in terms of a surrogate. 

The only problem is instead of me coming in once or twice a month he wanted me to live in the same house as him so he’d have access to me at all times. Also, he wanted to get me pregnant the old-fashioned way, naked and screaming with ecstasy in his bed and he’d be willing to try for the baby as often as possible. 

He’s willing to take care of all my bills and for the first time in a long time I find myself free to just be happy. The only catch is I can’t fall in love with him and that I keep my surrogacy a secret.

By the time I realized exactly what was expected of me it was too late for me to back out. I needed the money and this was the only way for me to get it.  Still it was going to be harder than just laying with this man until I was knocked up. 

Michael is abbrassive. Intense and used to getting everything that he wants when he wants it. Trying to keep up with his needs is a full-time job. 

Still, I find myself getting used to his growls and poor demeanor, especially when I see small sparks of the man he’s trying to hide inside. Michael is all bark and no bite. Except the bites in the bedroom, the ones that have my eyes rolling back and begging for more. 

Slowly, the business transaction between Michael and I becomes so much more. He shows me a way of life I never thought I’d be able to have for myself and I find myself having feelings for the man who specifically told me that we couldn’t be anything more.  It’s just that the way he holds me at night, the way he looks at me, the way he pleases me tells me this is more than just a contract for him. He feels something more he just won’t admit it. 


Having a child has always been the last thing on my mind but as I enter my forties I realize it’s the only thing in my life that I still want. 

I don’t have time for a wife or some long-term relationship that will distract me from my business so I approach my need for a progeny the same way I approach everything else, as a business deal. 

Finding a surrogate is harder than I would’ve thought, that is until sweet little Miriam walks in for her interview. It took all of five seconds for me to choose her. 

She’s perfect in more ways than I want to admit. 

She’s beautiful, naive, and not used to the spoils someone in my lifestyle can shower on her. I don’t need a gold digger trying to hang around longer than I need her to. 

I take her into my world and I find that instead of this just being a cold transaction like I assumed I want to share more of myself with her. I want to impress her. I want to make her smile. None of this is good for me. I can’t afford to let feelings get involved. I’ve tried that in the past only to have an ex-girlfriend who never seemed to get the hint that we were over. 

I made sure the contract was iron-clad and drawn up in secret. She’d have everything she needed including the payment so long as she was gone the minute the child was gone and no one knew what I’d done. Secrecy was the most important. 

I shouldn’t have trusted her, shouldn’t have let her get under my skin. Now we’re three months into our arrangement and just like I feared there’s a leak in the tabloids. 

Plastered on the front page of every paper is the story of a lifetime. Billionaire Michael Granite has to pay to have a child. 

I thought I could trust her, thought she was different from the rest but it seems like she’s just more of the same. 

I’m not one to be fooled even by the fair-haired vixen that has me panting after her every time she walks by. 

She’s not meant for me. A fact I knew the minute she signed on the dotted line. 

After making her take a test to ensure she wasn’t pregnant, I voided the contract and sent Miriam on her way. It doesn’t matter how much she begged and swore that she wasn’t the one to say anything. I wasn’t about to play her fool. She had one job, keep it a secret and she failed. 

I push her out of my life and do my best to make sure that I never have any contact with her but why does every day without her feel worst than the rest? Why does it feel like I’m dying inside every moment she’s not in my arms? 

The Broken Contract – Book 2


He didn’t believe me. 

No matter how many times I pleaded with him, begged him to reconsider there was nothing I could say to Michael to get him to believe that I would never betray him. 

Now I’m back in the same predicament that I was in before except with one added complication. 

The last pregnancy test was a false negative.

I found out three months after Michael broke things off with me that I was pregnant with his child. But I can’t go back. I don’t want the heartache that comes with being with him. As hard as I tried not to let my feelings get involved, I was in love with him and he threw me away like trash. 

Still, I won’t throw his name under the bus. From the very beginning, he wanted to keep the baby a secret and I’m doing one better. I’ll keep my child a secret even from him. 

I work hard to make ends meet not only for my brother in the hospital but also for the unborn child I’m carrying. I have to take on three separate part-time jobs but I’m proud to do it. I miss Michael like crazy but I’ve learned to live without him. The same way he obviously learned to live without me. 

At least I thought he had. 

One emergency room visit later I find out he hasn’t exactly erased me from his existence. When he shows up at my hospital room there’s no way I can hide my bulging belly. He demands to know if the child is his and even has the nerve to be angry that I hadn’t reached out to him. 

I quickly reminded him that I didn’t have to. He voided the contract. The child is mine and I don’t want him in our lives. It breaks my heart but I know it’s the right thing to do. I want my child to grow up surrounded by love not someone who viewed them as a business transaction. 

Michael refuses to take no for an answer and once again I’m being pulled back into his world whether I want it or not. He begs for me to forgive him. Pleads for a second chance. He wants to do things right. He wants me without the contract. 

But what happens when he finds out the real person behind our leaked secret? What happens when it seems like his very name is tarnished just by trying to get me back? Will my love for him be enough to get us through or will I wind up brokenhearted again?


I was so damn wrong. 

I thought I could live my life without Mariam but the longer I’m without her the more I know that she’s truly the one I need in my life. 

Just as I pulled my head out of my own ass I find out that she was in a car accident and is in the emergency room. I go to support and make sure she’s okay. I wasn’t ready for my world to be upended when I found out that not only is she nearly working herself to death but she’s carrying my child. 

The pregnancy test was wrong. 

The minute I voided the contract I removed myself from my unborn child’s life and Mariam isn’t going to make it easy for me to find a way back in. 

I don’t care what I have to do. Beg, grovel, cry, I’ll do it all to get her and my child back. No contracts or deals. I want all of her. I love her but I’m not dumb enough to know that I’ve got a lot to make up for. 

Putting in every effort, I show her exactly how good we can be together. Prove to her that I don’t care what anyone has to say about how I feel for her. 

The problem is someone is still leaking our personal lives to the media. And with every press release, I lose more and more of the business that I’ve worked so hard to get. My professional life is in shambles and if I don’t get it under control soon I’ll lose it all. 

The stress and uncertainty of where my life is heading nearly breaks me. 

When I find out exactly who’s behind trying to sabotage me all the sins of my past come to bite me in the ass. 

Mariam doesn’t deserve the scrutiny that comes with my life. She’s not meant for it and she doesn’t want it. 

As hard as I fight to make things right, every thing seems to go wrong at every turn. 

Will my love for her be enough to keep her by my side when everyone else seems content to leave me high and dry or will that one broken contract be the final straw in making sure I lose Mariam forever?


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