The Gomez Cartel (Dark)

The Gomez Cartel (Dark)


Billionaire, BDSM, Office Romance, Cartel/Mafia, Best Friend’s Sister, Forced Proximity, Surprise Pregnancy

TOTAL Word Count: 4252

Price: $149

By Elizabeth Knox

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  • Goal: Be the most powerful man in the Spanish cartel, even if he has crossed people along the way.
  • Motivation: His father has told him multiple times he wouldn’t ever amount to anything without him, and so his desire to prove his father wrong is his motivation.
  • Conflict: The family of the woman he was supposed to marry decides to come after Diego once they realize he’s moving on with another woman, Annabella. They target her and her life is put in jeopardy on multiple occasions. 



  • Goal: Be the best luxury real estate agent in all of New York City.
  • Motivation: Annabella and her brother, Lucas, were raised by a single-mother after their father left her after their move to New York. He left them stranded and Annabella knew from a very young age that she wanted to be able to provide for herself in a way that no man ever would be able to. 
  • Conflict: Annabella gets a job at her brother’s best friend’s real estate agency. She’s had a crush on Diego ever since she was a teenager and is working directly on his real estate team. The forced proximity is causing her feelings to grow even more, and they cross a line. A line they can’t uncross. Now, they’re falling for each other and Annabella is forced to tell her brother. But, when it all goes down, there are other issues at play with men who know Diego.




I knew I always wanted a strong woman by my side, but I’ve never been able to find the right one to be my Cartel Queen. The most I’ve ever gotten to it was an arranged marriage my father set up, but it was one I put to rest very quickly. After I did so, it caused friction between the Spanish Cartel and the Venezuelan Cartel. It caused cash flow issues and much more, but I stood by my decision.

Years later, I still hadn’t found my Cartel Queen. I owned a sex club, so I’d occasionally go and get what I needed from time-to-time. There was one woman there I loved to fuck, and she loved to fuck me too. I came to look forward to running into her. We had no ways to contact one another, since our faces were covered and we were not able to share names, phone numbers, or anything. 

During the time I was seeing the woman at the sex club, my best friend’s little sister applied for a job at my luxury real estate company. I heard she was in real estate, but when I saw her in the waiting area of my office I pulled her back into my private office and spoke with her. I reviewed her resume and saw her stats, saw how good she was at selling. Without a second thought I gave her a job.

She was great at her job, just as I thought, but the more time we spent together the deeper my desire grew for her. Only until one fateful night she took off her blazer and I realized I recognized her—she was the woman I’d been fucking at the club. With very specific tattoos running down both of her arms, I wouldn’t have been able to deny it. Every time she came into work, she had long sleeves on so I never put it together. 

I told her who I was, and what we’d been doing on and off for years without even knowing it. We were both shocked, but wanted to see where things would go.

Only, I didn’t realize while we were exploring the connection we had that there would be others trying to rip her from my life.

I knew I had enemies, I just didn’t realize how close they were.


Prologue: Diego


  • 6 years ago . . . Halloween
  • Diego’s club is throwing a Halloween party. He’s a business owner, billionaire, and is involved in some criminal matters.
  • The masquerade party is at his sex club, Essence, which is located in NYC. It’s a masquerade party and everyone is having a great time. Drinks are pouring, the music is pumping, and everyone is in a costume/theme sort of lingerie or body paint. The only mandatory thing is that their faces be covered. It’s a rule of a club, protects everyone from knowing who the other person might be.
  • Diego had a stressful day with a business meeting that didn’t go well. His father had arranged a marriage between Diego and a Venezuelan woman, but Diego decided it wasn’t in his best interests to honor that arrangement. The other family did not take kindly to it and is no longer selling Diego large batches of cocaine. Now, Diego will be forced to find another dealer with competitive pricing, who doesn’t cut it down with fentanyl, or anything else. 
  • He almost didn’t go to the party, but he changed his mind at the last minute and decided to come. He doesn’t have a date, so he’s on the prowl tonight.
  • Sees this blonde pretty little thing and goes up to her, flirts, and it leads to sex scene #1. 


Ch 1: Annabella 


  • Present Day
  • Annabella has an interview at Gomez Realty, a luxury real estate agency she’s had her eyes on for a while. 
  • She’s already licensed and has worked at smaller real estate agencies before, always surpassing her colleagues’ numbers. She wants to work in the luxury market and believes now is the opportune time to interview there.
  • She goes to the interview and is sitting in the waiting room with a few other candidates. They must be doing multiple interviews today to see who they’re adding to their team.
  • Annabella is a bit nervous, but she is also very confident that this will go well.
  • Annabella hears her name and glances up, seeing her brother’s best friend, Diego Gomez. He seems shocked to see her and asks what she’s doing here. She tells him she’s interviewing to join one of the teams. He smirks and says it’s his team that has the opening. 
  • She can feel every other potential candidate’s eyes on her. Diego asks her to come with him. She gets up, and follows Diego into his office. He shuts the door behind her and says it’s been a while. She confirms, it’s been at least two years or so since they saw each other last.

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