The Luna’s Mates Duet (RH/PNR)

Genre: Reverse Harem / PNR

Tropes: Found Mates, Shifters

Characters: Kit

Setting: Wilderness

Heat Level: Extra Steamy



I was born and bred to become the alpha’s mate. Years of training on how to act and what to say. My hair and body cut and coiffed in the way the alpha would approve of. Even my wolf was trained to bow to the alpha. All for him to reject me when I came of age. He already chose his luna and it wasn’t me. 

Shattered isn’t even the word to describe my heart after having Michai cast me aside like I was nothing. 

After that day though I broke off from the pack and went my own way. It’s not like any of them notice. Now that I wasn’t to be with the alpha I had no use for anyone in the pack.  I roamed for a long while on my own not necessarily looking for anything but still searching none the less. 

it’s dangerous For a shifter wolf like myself to wander the forests alone. My parents always told me about the hunters that want to prove our existence to the world. But so far since I’ve been out here I’ve not seen anything of the sort. When I wake up in a cold sweat my wolf clawing and howling to get out. 

It’s too late by the time my eyes focus the net is already on me. I phase right there but the net is made out of something that my claws and teeth can’t get through. That’s impossible. No rope is strong enough to withstand my claws. Four men surround me and try to get me to calm down. I hear them laughing and making jokes about how they are going to make a lot of money off my pelt. Finally just as I’m about to pass out from exhaustion three massive wolves I’ve never seen before tear the hunters apart.  Before I slip into unconsciousness I hear my inner luna purring when the three of them cut me down. 

Waking up I find myself locked in a large cabin with three men. 

Alpha’s every one of them. 

My training wants me to submit to them but my broken heart refuses to go down that path again.  

Darius, Helio, Connor.  How the three of them came together by chance. Each of them an alpha from a pack either hunted down and killed or a pack that rejected him as their leader. 

None of them searching for anything besides revenge. A revenge I’m more than happy to help them get.

The Luna’s Mates – Kept – Book 2


Every day I’m stuck with the three alpha’s I learn more and more about the Luna inside of me. I’d always thought she was weak. Born and Bred to be submissive to my alpha’s but I quickly realized that is not the case. 

Darius, the most level-headed of the bunch helps me see my worth. Helio, the sweeter of the three takes care of me emotionally, and Connor, the more physical of the bunch shows me just how enticing I am to the three of them. 

In any other world, I’d never let my guard down to the three of them but after being rejected by the wolf who was supposed to be my mate I can’t help but feel empowered to know that it’s just me who is able to bring these three Alpha wolves to their knees. 

As a group, the four of us go hunting for the packs that disowned them in the first place. One by one we get the revenge they’ve been searching for and my mates become the alpha’s of the packs they conquered. and I’m their queen. 

Our lives are set and I’m ready to live my life in peace with my three mates, that is until Michai shows back up and demands that I become his again.  Now that he sees what I can do he wants me for himself. 

My mates refuse to let me go but they know going against Michai is going to start a war, one they might not win. 

Now I have a choice to make either I stay where with the three mates who make me burn with desire or I go back to the Alpha I trained my entire life to please. 

A war hinges on my decision.  Go back to Michai and be the Luna I was meant to be or stay with Darius, Connor, and Helio and stay the queen they’ve helped me become.

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