Premade Concepts

Treasonous Hearts (HR) by Beth


  • woman in peril, political intrigue, forced proximity, secrets revealed



  • Lady Adelia Hughes, Lord Phillip Winston


  • London, 1874



Lady Adelia Hughes

Ever since my Irish father, the Earl of Liskasnea, was accused of plotting to assassinate the queen and was executed in 1872, my life has changed drastically. I went from being the daughter of a wealthy nobleman to being virtually destitute. My father’s holdings were confiscated by the crown. Now, a social outcast shunned by society, I am determined to clear my father’s name and restore my family’s honor.

My quest is dangerous. I know that. I must remain inconspicuous, hidden in the shadows, if I want to gather the evidence I need to prove my father’s innocence. It’s there, I know it is. But someone else knows it, too, and knows what I’m doing. I’m being watched, my every move stalked. And then, one day as I’m walking down the street, I’m grabbed and pulled into an alley. Just as I think the worst is about to happen, a man saves me. 

Not just any man. Lord Phillip Winston, Duke of Pickford. He’s tall and dark and handsome, a most eligible bachelor, and someone who was way beyond my grasp even before my family’s fall from grace. But the look he gives me is piercing, and his words haunt me long after I make it home. Be careful or you’ll wind up like your father.

I know now that Lord Phillip has information I need. But he’s a wealthy and powerful man. One who I learn also has a dark past. But I believe that he can help me  find the evidence I need to clear my father’s name. The only problem is the more time I spend with Lord Phillip, the more I’m drawn to him. And if that isn’t enough of a dilemma, someone doesn’t want me finding out the truth. 

Will I be able to clear my father’s name and find happiness with Phillip? Or will our love be destroyed by the forces that are determined to keep us apart?

Lord Phillip Winston, Duke of Pickford

I knew the Earl of Liskasnea was innocent of treason. Yes, he was Irish and sympathized with the Irish cause, but he was as loyal to the crown as I am. But I was too late to prevent his execution, and now I’m trying to uncover who is really plotting to assassinate the queen. As a member of her spy network, I must keep a low profile and maintain the illusion of a criminal past time so that I can ferret out the real culprits.

I know I shouldn’t intervene when ruffians grab Lady Adelia and tug her into an alley. But the poor woman has been through enough, so I chase the men away. And I can’t help but warn her, “Be careful or you’ll wind up like your father.” Before she can press me for information, I walk away. I shouldn’t have even said that much, but Lady Adelia is making people nervous and I don’t need her death on my conscience.

Now, Lady Adelia is almost everywhere I am, asking questions and getting too close for comfort. The combination of her determination and vulnerability–not to mention her beauty–is enough to drive any man to his knees, and I never claimed to be a saint. Even though it’s wrong, even though it’s forbidden by the rigid rules of society, I find myself becoming enraptured by her.

But our very lives are in danger. Just having her close is enough to put her in jeopardy. Violent men are intent on destroying the monarchy–and I’m tasked with saving it at all cost. And when the truth comes out, when Adelia finds out everything I know about her father and the role I played in his death, the love we could have had will be over. But I’ll suffer her wrath as long as I can keep her alive.


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