Tressed to Kill (Dark)

Tressed to Kill (Dark)


Fairytale Retelling, Anti-Heros, Captivity, Twisted Family Dynamics

TOTAL Word Count: 6127

Price: $217

By Rae B. Lake

Characters >>> 

Main 1: Zela

  • Goal: To be free of the attic prison her sister has kept  her in her entire life.
  • Motivation: To find out what the real world is like even for a little while with Gene’s help
  • Conflict: She doesn’t know how to stop killing and is afraid that someone will take her to be experimented on at an insane asylum

Main 2: Gene

  • Goal: To steal and be able to kill without being captured
  • Motivation: He’s done so many times before but never with anyone let alone someone as naive as Zela
  • Conflict: His growing feelings for Zela cause him to risk being captured



All I’ve ever known is the attic. First it was my mother who kept me locked up here and now my sister.

Sister says the outside world is full of monsters and people that will take me away to do experiments on my brain. They don’t understand people like me. People who can kill without a care in the world. It’s not like I meant to kill my mother but her bones did make for a great way to keep away the loneliness. 

I’d never tried to escape before and I wasn’t expecting for a stranger to break in while my sister was away. A stranger that didn’t look like anything my sister said they’d look like. Gene was handsome, nothing like the monster I’d thought he’d be. Not to mention he completely understood why I liked to kill, in fact he liked it too. 

After realizing everything my sister told me might just be a lie I decided to let Gene guide me. He’d bring me outside and show me what the real world was like. Show me everything I’d been missing.

People, fireworks, Sex.

Now that I’m out, I’ll never let anyone lock me up again even if that means I have to kill everyone who tries. 


It was supposed to be an easy job. 

Get in the old Victorian-style house and take what I wanted. 

I never expected to find my very own captive. 

I’d lie and say it took me a while to fall for her but I was enraptured from the moment I saw her long raven hair cascading down her back and onto the floor. Not to mention the care she took of her mother’s bones. Zela was definitely my type of woman. 

In my mind there was no choice, I freed her from her prison and brought my little nightmare out into the world. 

I wasn’t prepared for the chaos that was Zela. Wasn’t prepared for how killing with her would make me feel. 

I was in love with the prettiest little murderer anyone had ever seen and no one would ever take her away from me no matter how hard they tried. 


Chapter 1 – Zela

  • Zela is sitting in the dusky old attic that she’s called home since she was a young child, sipping on tea and talking about her day and what she wants to do in the upcoming year. She doesn’t know exactly when her birthday is, but she has a feeling based on the seasons that it’s coming up fast. No one answers her questions, mainly because the only person she’s having tea with is the bones of her deceased mother.
  • About six years ago, she and her mother got into a very bad argument about Zela leaving the attic, and Zela killed her. She kept her body preserved for as long as she could but wound up stripping her bones and now keeps her mother’s skeleton as a friend in her lonely world. She talks to her mother about the new children she’s heard outside playing around and about how someone else says that it was scorching hot outside. She wonders what the sun feels like on her skin and if she’d indeed melt if she went outside. Her mother always told her the most amazing stories about all the dangers and pitfalls of trying to leave the house. It’s why she was stuck in the attic. Zela had always been under the assumption that if she went outside, the bad people would get her and take her to a laboratory where they’d run painful experiments on her.
  • She’s willing to put up with it if it means she’d get to be free for even one hour. Just as she’s about to put her tea set away, she hears something rattling downstairs. She thinks it might be her sister, but her sister doesn’t usually come and check on her more than once a week, and she’d just been here a few days earlier.

Chapter 2 – Gene

  • He’s been scoping out the house for almost a week and knows that the owner of the house doesn’t come home every day. It’s a large Victorian-style house, not yet a mansion but big enough for Gene to know that he’s going to score big. Part of him is a little upset that he’s not going to be able to see the owner of the house in person. He’s got an itch that he hasn’t scratched in some time. The last time he killed anyone was more than a year ago, but he just can’t seem to find the right victim.
  • Gene sneaks into the house and realizes that downstairs is pretty bare, but he knows most people keep their valuables locked up, so he makes his way to the attic. He’s surprised and also excited when he sees the many different locks on the door, some that he’s never even come across before. He doesn’t hear anyone moving in the house, so he breaks into the attic and is surprised to see that there’s a woman there. She doesn’t scream or try to run away; she simply stares at him like he’s an animal she’s never seen before. He notices her long black hair, so long it’s trailing behind her on the floor, and the ratty, moth-chewed outfit she’s got on. Not even that will distract from her beauty; her eyes are so golden it’s like she’s swallowed the sun.
  • Gene takes a menacing step in her direction, expecting her to jump or scream, but instead, she takes another step towards him. She warns him that he shouldn’t be here, and he tells her that he’s going to kill her and asks why she isn’t scared. He tells her he’s got nothing to be scared of, and she tells him that he does, He’s let the door close.
  • When Gene turns around, he realizes that the door to the attic is closed, and when he tries to open it again, it won’t budge. The locks on the outside have all snapped in place, and now there’s no way out. He’s trapped up there with her.

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